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09 forester transmission questions

I have a 09 Subaru Forester (automatic) with 56,300 miles on it. Within the last 100 miles, the transmission has started ‘hiccuping’ as it changes gears. Also, when the car is cold and first started up, as I drive the rpms rise to around 3k when switching gears; sometimes holding there for anywhere from 3 seconds to 12 seconds before finally changing gears. As the car warms up, this problem disappears, but the ‘hiccuping’ continues. I took it to the dealer and they flushed out the transmission fluid, but problem still persists. I called the dealership asking for a new transmission because it is still under warranty, but they refused. They are going to check pan for metal shavings, and if they’re present then they’ll replace trans. If not, then they will replace other parts until problem is fixed.
I have two questions: Does anyone have any ideas as to what’s wrong and/or how it can be fixed? Also, another important question: If I had the transmission fluid replaced, would it be possible that they may have cleaned out any metal shavings, and when they check 100 miles later, there wouldn’t be any? I’m worried that I’m going to get screwed because they eliminated any metal shavings and when they go to look again none will be there because there hasn’t been enough mileage put on the car to make them appear again. I do not know enough about cars to know if this is even a possibility. They refuse to honor the warranty until they go through a checklist of possible repairs, and I’m nervous that list will run out when I hit 61,000 miles and warranty runs out. Any ideas or thoughts, please help. Thanks.

If you’ve reported the problem while under warranty, they should be on the hook to fix it, they can’t delay until you’re out of warranty. Is this a factory warranty, or an extended warranty? If extended, is it Subaru’s or somebody else’s?

Thats what I thought, but they are dragging their feet. I’m going to call tomorrow again and try to force them. Guy I talked to claimed Subaru won’t let them replace trans until they go through their checklist of other things. Its a whole lot of crap going on.

It is factory warranty. Didn’t buy extended, although now maybe wishing I would’ve