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2006 Subaru Forester recall

Hi! I have a 2006 Subaru Forester with 207500 miles (yes, I put each & every mile on it!). My ck engine light came on a while back, & the mechanic checked it w/ the tester and it said “catalytic converter” which he reset, but it keeps coming back on! Then he said there might have been a recall regarding something with a gas valve?? I can’t find that anywhere. Please advise!


Here’s a description of the recall:
“Certain 2005-2008 Forester and 2005~2007 Impreza models require permanent removal of the one-way fuel valve located in the fuel tank.”

Subaru dealer will do this for free. I doubt it’ll be the problem behind your check engine light, nothing to do with the catalytic converter.

A look at ALLDATA shows there is a campaign involving a one-way gas valve on non-turbocharged models. A campaign is not a mandated Recall. A campaign falls under a TSB (tech. service bulletin) heading and is for want of a better phrase, a voluntary Recall.
However, there are time and mileage limits on campaigns and at 5 years of age and 200K+ miles it’s unlikely the car would be covered but it’s at least possible.

It’s difficult to know whether you need a converter or not without knowing what code(s) are present, etc. Even then it can be iffy because there are unrelated things that can cause O2 and converter codes; especially considering the high miles.
Do not assume this campaign, if performed, will cure the CEL and/or alleged converter glitch. More diagnosis is needed.

Well, it was treated as a recall by our dealer for our 2007 Forester.

And my mistake, the check engine light is also caused by the gas tank valve problem:
" If this were to happen, the fuel pump could momentarily draw air causing the engine to experience a sporadic misfire condition resulting in possible damage to the vehicle?s catalytic converter. (The ?Check Engine? light will illuminate alerting the driver that the catalytic converter efficiency has degraded beyond an acceptable level and may be releasing air pollutants that exceed emission standards.) This Service Program will remove the valve. Program #WVL-22"

Yes it can be treated as a full-fledged Recall but it’s not the same thing. As I said, there are mileage and time constraints on a campaign and a campaign is vastly different from a mandated Recall.

Your car is an '07 with ??? miles. It’s possible that your vehicle falls into the accepted guidelines whereas the OP’s car may not. I’ve performed a lot of campaigns and one seldom sees a campaign apply to a vehicle with over 100k miles on it.

Given the OP’s car has well over 200k miles it’s debateable whether or not the cat is any good.