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Three car seats in a Volvo

No way will three car seats fit. I have tried this (we have a 99 V70)myself :), you can fit three booster seats, or (if you work REALLY hard) two car seats, and one booster.

The newer cars have weight sensors under the front passenger seat. If the seat is empty or occupied by a very light occupant, a light will come on to indicate that the front airbag is disabled. So, although not recommended, you could fit two child restraings in the outboard rear seating positions and one in the front.

Just a thought, but who will be registering and insuring the car? I would be worried about any financial or legal issues that can result and harm a friendship. Have you thought about taking the money that you have and offering it to the nanny? She can trade in her own car and use the money you give her to purchase a new car that she can register and insure on her own, removing you and your friend from any possible issues at all. Of course, the nanny will be getting a bigger car, which will cost more for gas and I am sure other expenses, but just a thought…

Ownership and insurance are huge issues. My sister and I live close to one another in a city and our rancher dad gave us one of his old pickups to use for those occasional tasks such as hauling Christmas trees, etc. We thought we’d co-own and insure, etc. However, without incorporating we couldn’t co-anything. So even though we split the costs and the pickup is parked in my driveway, I’m afraid to use it (and won’t let my husband even THINK about it) because the insurance is in my sister’s name and an accident would expose her to liability that could cause a terrible rift in the family. SO, the bassoonchick (earlier post) has a good point about just giving the money or the car to the nanny to own and insure. But what happens if the nanny just quits the job and sells the car?

I think a new car lease would be the best idea, no repairs or unseen costs, 4 years should be long enough until the kids are out of car seats.

like the above poster pointed out. My worry is about big liability issues if the nanny gets into a accident. It may be a good idea for all to pitch in on a lawyer to find the best way to handle this.

An extremely safe AND will fit three seats across and inexpensive/reliable is the Ford Crown Victoria. If any concern of winter traction equip it with winter tires and it will go perfectly.

True. 3 car seats will not fit. Neither will 2 boosters and an infant seat which is what it sounds like you will need. Much to my dismay I had to trade in my '99 V70 for an Odyssey when our 3rd arrived, but I found it is like drinking diet soda. It’s distasteful at first, but you soon grow to love it. Other things to consider include:

  1. Do you really want 2 three year-olds in such close proximity to an infant?
  2. Or for that matter, do you really want 2 three year olds so close to each other? Even if you separate them and put the baby in the middle, then you end up with a workman’s comp case because your nanny has a back ache from lugging the car seat carrier through the car to the middle seat.
  3. Sometimes it is actually nice to have toddlers very far away from the driver. Often I long to drive a limo with one of those privacy windows. For me.
  4. You can potentially find a minivan with a video player.
    Good luck!

I can’t be sure about the Volvo, but we have used 3 carseats (2 toddler and 1 infant) in a 2002 BMW 5-series sedan on occasion. The main issue is which car seats you have - the middle one needs to be narrow, and we have a Sunshine Radian 60 which fits when our other car seats would not. However, we do not use 3 seats together routinely - only for certain carpooling trips - and it is definitely harder to get the middle kid strapped in. The infant seat is on one side - it would be impossible to get the infant in correctly in the middle position. But that is much better than having any kid in the front seat as has been suggested.

The liability issues are real, but since you are employing the nanny and she is driving for her job, having her own and insure the car herself (rather than you purchasing and maintaining the car) would not necessarily reduce your liabiliy.

I thought there were good points made about liability issues, maybe be a cosigner on the lease so if payments are not made you will have some recourse? The lease also avoids the problem of nanny selling the car. Good luck!