Economic car that fits 3 car seats


We have a 2002 Acura MDX and a 1995 Acura Integra. With the recent addition of our third child, we need to get a second vehicle that will handle a booster, and 2 car seats (optimally one regular and one baby “pumpkin” seat, though not a true necessity). We are generally buy new, drive it into the ground kind of people, so I would like to get a car that will serve us well for the next 15 years or so. While we have considered a mini van, I hate to have 2 gas guzzlers. However, we both need to drop off/pick up the kids, so need to have 2 cars that will fit all 3 kids. The car seats we currently have are pretty bulky, but I am not against buying new, less bulky car seats (so long as they are similar in safety ratings to the Britax). Any suggestions on cars (or car seats)? We have been Honda people up to this point, but have also considered Toyota…


Honda Odyssey or Toyota Sienna. You need a minivan. Also, you should strongly consider the Hyundai Entourage or Kia Sedona.

The only cars that would work for you would be a Mercury Grand Marquis/Ford Crown Victoria. And maybe a Chevy Impala, but I doubt it. Unfortunately, the Crown Vic/Grand Marquis gets the same or worse mileage as the minivans, but with less space. Minivan is the only logical way to go.


This might be a good time to buy a 4-5 year old car/mini-van/whatever that meets your current needs, and sell it in a few years when the kids are older and you no longer need room for three car seats. I does not seem to make sense to make a long term commitment (by buying new) to a vehicle that you will no longer need in five years.


I haven’t checked one out, but the new Scion xB looks like it would do three car seats in back.


Any car will do if you disable the front passenger airbag. You can reconnect the airbag when the oldest is tall enough. I recommend a Honda Accord.


MiniVan here too. It will be needed for the long term as the kids grow. In the future you will be swapping car seats for bigger kids, AND the stuff they want to bring with them, AND the buddies they want to bring with them, AND the stuff you’ll be storing in the vehicle to accomidate their activities AND…you WILL wear out this next vehicle with three kids. Buy with the 15 year future in mind and you’ll buy just once.


When we were in that position, we bought a minivan. If I had to do it over, I’d still buy a minivan. If both you and your husband work, whoever has the shorter commute gets the car with the worst gas mileage. BTW, I’d sell the Integra and keep the MDX. Your more likely to fit 5 in it than the Integra.


Mazda5! It’s the perfect car for you.

Check out “Consumer Reports” magazine. They love the Mazda5. Perhaps you will, too.


I suspect that high fuel prices will result in a bunch of mini-minivans (like the mazda5), once people figure out that they don’t really need a vehicle that will carry everything they own and everyone the know. Hopefully the minivan/SUV era is about done.