Three carseats across?


I am pregnant with my third child, and I want to avoid getting a minivan or SUV if possible. Can anyone suggest a sedan or wagon that can fit three child safety seats across the backseat, and is also safe and affordable? The two seats I have now are Britaxes, which are quite large, but I am willing to consider a smaller seat for the third.


Three small children in the back can mean trouble. They may annoy each other, which will undoubtedly annoy you. I’d get a minivan. We did when we had our third and have been very happy with both that we owned.


I agree. Get a minivan. However, if you are dead set against it, then just measure the car seats and see if they fit. I can usually squeeze three in mine (actually, one is always a booster) when in a pinch. Prefer the mini van any time I take the kids. If only they would make a longer, skinnier one so each kid could have their own row.



Take the seats with you for a test drive and see if they fit. Take the kids, too and see if you can get along with three in the back. Or you might rent the car you want to buy for a weekend.