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Thread Lock on Inner Tie Rod?

I got a 04 Nissan Sentra and I’m replacing inner and outer tie rods on it. I took off the inner tie rod and it wasn’t to bad to break loose. These tie rods I imagine are from factory when the car was built. The inner tie rod doesn’t have a locking washer to it or thread lock on it, connecting to the rack from what I see and in fact the threads have alot of grease/oil on it.
I’m looking to see what you guys do when screwing an inner tie rod to rack, if Thread Lock is needed (if so red or blue)? I even called a local Niissan and they say they don’t use it either.

If the original tie rod didn’t have a locking washer or evidence of a thread locker, install the new tie rod the way it was delivered.


Whenever I questioned the lack of thread locker I put gasket shellac on the first few male threads. There’s a lot of peace of mind for such a small cost.

How are you securing the rack when you twist the inner tie rod?

I agree, go with the factory way. It lasted 15 years and now here you are, wondering if you could do better. Better than 15 years? Will the car be running in 2034? Is it too much to ask that the tie rod end be renewed again then?

Seems like after that answer no more questions would have been needed .

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