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Tie rod replacement question

When I removed the tie rods from my nephew’s '95 Escort, there appeared to be some purple threadlocking type stuff on them. Can I just clean the threads up and use some blue threadlocker gel on the last 1/3 of the rack threads to secure the tie rods? No help from the Haynes, but I’m assuming I need something on there, since the tie rods could be subjected to some fairly sharp blows. How do you guys do it? Thanks!

No need really to clean the old threadlock off the threads. Put some new red threadlock on and you’ll be good to go.

You probably shouldn’t put anything of the sort on there. Maybe some grease or anti-seize, but threadlocker will make the alignment more difficult for whomever will be doing it. The jam nuts will maintain the settings. Threadlocker is generally not necessary on tie rod ends.

It just occurred to me that you may be referring to the inner tie rod ends which thread onto the rack. I probably misread your post. For those, threadlocker is a good idea.

Anti-seize actually helps to tighten and helps with corrosion. I put it on most everything. Never had any problems. Ive also never put any lock tight on tie rods

If you are using the blue, non-hardening lock tite be sure to clean the threads well before hand. It cant hurt, regardless if you put it on the tie rod end or the lock down nut/bolt or both. It does not bind up the assy, it just adds a nice bit of security.

There is usually some way to secure the inner tie rod to the rack… a roll pin, a flange that has to be bent over, or threadlocker. The inner tie rod has to be secured to the rack or it could unthread itself from the rack.

The new tie rod should have come with thread locker, if it didn’t then you need to get some and install it on the threads of the inner tie rod.