97' subaru steering rack tie rod end replacement


Do I need any special tools to replace the tie rod (inner ) ball joint on the rack?


Yes, and the socket will cost you about a hundred dollars, and you will do it wrong. You can’t sue yourself and make any money doing it unless you have a TV show.


Some auto parts stores rent the inner tie rod service tool. Remove the outer tie rod end from the tie rod, remove the rubber bellows from the steering rack, and remove the inner tie rod with the tool.



I’ve done a bunch of them without special tools. They use an eared washer as a retainer. The boot must be loosened and moved outwards followed by unstaking the folded over tab on the washer. The tie rod should have a flat on it and you should be able to get a wrench of some sort on it to remove the tie rod.
The new tie rod should come with a new washer and be sure to fold the tab over as a means of locking it in place.

Depending on how you do this, you should also measure the length of the entire tie rod/tie rod end assembly so that the end result will be the toe in/out will remain the same. It might be a good time to consider having the car put on the alignment rack. If the inner tie rod is worn then the toe is incorrect and variable anyway. Hope that helps.