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Those high intensity head light bulbs

any one ever have a car bought used and those expensive fan cooled bulbs for headlights one blew out very expensive with a little black box next to the bulb connector— how would I convert it hack to a regular bulb that came with the car?

Usually these bulbs are plug and play, so your original bulb plug should be there. Look in your owner’s manual to see what the original bulb sizes are.
Also, not sure where you are shopping, but usually the aftermarket HID & LED bulbs aren’t all that expensive if you buy them online.

… and original bulbs give you better visibility, at some “reputation expense” to the guys insisting on ridiculous-blue-colored-light :slight_smile:

Thank you that is what I was not sure about can I hook up an original OEM H13 SYLVANIA bulb to the original wire harness that came with the car or should I just plug it to the little black ballast box that came with the hi intensity led light with a fan on it to cool it .?

thats what i want to do go back to an original OEM bulb

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Original bulb as spec’d by the carmaker connected to original wiring should do it. Be careful to handle the bulb without touching its glass.

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yes that is what i was looking for the connection to the box or remove the box go to the original connector

good thanks