How do you change a headlight bulb?

I have a 2004 Mazda 3. The manual says to bring it to a dealer to change the bulb. This can’t be right. But I can’t figure it out and I don’t want to break something. I have changed many headlight bulbs before, but this one is different.

check this out for info.

it sounds like this is a labor intensive job, but not necessarily needing to be done by the dealer.

you may want to save the link as a favorite for further info for your car.

Wow, thanks for that link. should be very helpful!!!

The link you got from cappy208 shows two different headlight types. The normal halogen bulbs are simple to replace, but the HID bulbs look like a nightmare. Does you car have High Intensity Discharge headlights or stand halogen lights?

Don’t know. the manual lists both types as replacement choices. the wire connection looks like the halogen model but not sure if I should count on that diagram to figure that out.

I have never had one of these in my shop but most h/lamp bulbs insert from the rear of the composite housing. There might be flat plastic clips that hold the housing in, if so pull those and remove the entire housing. Run the VIN in the Mazda dealer parts dept and they might be able to tell you if you have HID lamps. HID lamps should be connected to a metal circuit box, if it is they most likely HID

i would think the VIN number and a call to the dealer would figure out which type of lights you have.

do you still have the window sticker for the car when you bought it? that would have the info too. (unless you are not the original owner, and don’t knwo if it was upgraded.)

You would think the vin would do it, you are correct. On Saabs they do not, kinda lame