Convert HID to Halogen

I recently bought a 2008 Lexus RX350. The previous owner seems to have broken the crown of the right/passenger side headlight and glued the bulb into place. I need to buy an entire assembly, but the damn thing is HID and the assembly costs almost $2000. I hate HID and would much rather have halogen lights than spend $2000 just for the assembly (bulbs not included).

Does anyone know if an HID-to-Halogen kit exists?
What would it take/cost to convert the wiring?

I suggest searching on a junkyard network for a replacement.
Conversion would be a fools errand.


Thanks, but I’ve tried all the junkyards in the Northeast. For some reason, this part is extremely rare. If it were a driver’s side assembly, it’d be easier. It seems this whole escapade has been a fool’s errand.

I f*(&)(*^&n hate HID and LED. It’s insane that I have to pay so much extra for lights that don’t help me see better, and actually cause a lot of pain and blindness in other drivers like me (muscle issues mean my pupils don’t contract).

Too bad you are in the northeast, a hillbilly mechanic like me would be glad to drive up and make something work, My first thought is to take it to a body shop, and get a quote, ask about used parts

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Try You might also check eBay.

Thanks, I’ve been keeping an eye on car-part. I got one guy to answer the phone but I still don’t know how much he’s charging for the thing. I’ve looked at Ebay, but that site always makes me nervous. I’m never sure if the part is legitimate or stolen property. Perhaps I’m overthinking.

We’ve got plenty of hillbilly mechanics up this way :wink: I’ve thought of it, but I don’t think my own hillbilly mechanic would know how to convert to halogen so I haven’t called him yet. He’s semi-retired and I never know what days he’s in the garage. I’ll definitely check out body shops.