Those Buicks Are Tough

I just returned from an out-of-town trip yesterday and was following an older gentleman in a large Buick. I was behind him for the last few miles of my journey and he was constantly on his cell phone. When he got off of my exit…I saw a road map pop up a few times and never once saw a brake light. The exit was being worked on (widened) and orange barriers are lined up to divide the new and the old roadway. The Buick went headlong into a long string of barrels and had them tossing and tumbling from right to left. As he neared the middle of the barriers…several road workers ran to the grassy median to get out of the way of this maniac. I couldn’t help but laugh because it reminded me of an old “Little Rascals” episode where they barreled down a sidewalk in a homemade vehicle with pedestrians jumping back and forth. I called 911 and reported the driver after he ran the stop sign at the bottom of the long exit and turned left as I turned right. The Buick didn’t look like it suffered much damage but I bet the road workers spent the next hour lining the barrels back up in a neat row. The car was a 2005 (?) white Buick LeSabre I think. I hope the cops got him off the road because this nut will kill himself or someone else sooner or later.

Maybe he was so hard of hearing he didn’t hear the barrels bouncing off his land yacht.
Plus on the road too long; sleepy and tired…

Anyone who pulls a stun like that needs their license revoked permanently. Typical alcoholic attitude, he probably didn’t even care he almost killed those road workers.

Buick tough or one lucky old dude?

He was definitely a lucky old dude. The Buick didn’t look like it sustained much damage even though these barriers (barrels) are about 4 feet high. They are heavy plastic and rubber with a weight to hold them down. I looked them up online and the weight of the bottom base alone is 25 lbs. That almost qualifies the Buick as being tough. Good thing they were light enough so they didn’t cause his airbags to deploy.

A very petite Japanese friend of mine drove a Buick. One day I asked her why, as I thought she’d prefer a smaller Asian car, a Toyota or Honda or something. Something More sized to fit her. It seemed like she almost disappeared in the Buick’s seat. But she said she felt safer in a big American car. From the OP, sounds like there is something to that idea.

A co-worker was riding with a friend one day when the friend go to the place where the state highway splits and merges with the interstate (you either have to go to northbound or southbound I-5) and went all the way up to the guardrail where it splits (the V) and couldn’t figure out what to do next (the friend was in her late 70’s at least) There were conversations with the family after that drive. Her husband drove them from that point on.