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This website has bcome the pits!

I wonder who had the bright idea to change the design? The car drive reviews are nothing like the old and are VERY difficult to navigate around to find any info.

Not only that, but get off my front lawn!




WHAT was wrong with Windows 95?? Darn kids… :wink:


I think that refers to vehicle road tests. It is simple to put the vehicle you are interested in your search engine and find reviews and tests plus the vehicle web site will let you have 360 degree views so why wouldn’t you do that for information.

One of my favourites.

Did you know this site comes with a money back guarantee? Your membership dues are 100% refundable if you’re not 100% satisfied with this website.

Ask me how to initiate the refund process. I dare you.


It’s not bad here once you get used to it but I miss everybody. Where are they? The same, MG, Doc, etc. A lot of folks have disappeared. Hope it wasn’t something I said.


mint? :astonished: :grin:

I was also wondering/worrying about The Same Mountainbike. He was missing in action for several weeks, then made one post about one week ago, and subsequently disappeared again. I just hope that his cardiac problems haven’t gotten any worse.

Someone else who was a regular disappeared several years ago. Do you recall Joseph Meehan?

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I looked up Joseph Meehan… hasn’t posted since 2011.

I miss Cigroller and transman

Yep Meehan, the guy with the diesel VW I think.

Have to concur with OP, no issues with the forum pages, but the prior format for the main page was more user friendly. I think it’s possible to get to that stuff still, by clicking on the links at the top left of this page, in red. For example to read the “Dear Ray” blog that also appears in some newspapers, from this page click “Blogs” above/left.

So why is the type vertical? Sure makes so much easier to read.

I seem to recall that he had some type of VW, but I don’t recall whether it had a diesel engine.


What happened to dagosa?
He was a regular contributor.

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My introduction to PCs and Car Talk were on Windows 3.0 and from my point of view all the improvements since have been largely overwhelmed from various directions. Like trading in my Blazer for a Lamborghini, I lose all the utility that I want and can comfortably use and replace it with outrageous performance that interferes with my purposes. What good is it to get to Kroger in half the time if I must make 3 trips to haul the groceries home.


He was missing for a very long time, and then–like Mountainbike–posted something recently, and then disappeared again.

Not sure if the OP is complaining about the forum or the CarTalk home page. I had a news site that I liked and their latest upgrade I really don’t like, so I don’t go there - simple solution.