2007 Taurus long crank time when cold


Ive been having this problem for over 4 months now. When I go to start my car after its been sits for about 6+ hours, it has trouble cranking. I have to keep key turned about 1 1/2 seconds, sometimes longer! And its getting worse! <br/> I had my Ford dealers mechanics put it on their computer, but nothing out of the ordinary shows up! They dont know why its causing it to happen!

please help me! I want to get it fixed before the warrenty runs out (unless it is a wear and tear issue) But either way, I need it looked at before winter hits.


You have to keep the key turned to START 1 1/2 seconds before WHAT happens?


It’s a 2007? And the dealer can’t figure out why it doesn’t crank? Hooie!
Try leaving the car overnight.
Then go to the dealership in the morning & watch them try to start the car.
Had a similar problem years ago. Spouse would try to start our brand new '78 Nova at 5 Am. I wouldn’t turn over. I’d go out at 7 AM & it was just fine!
Back then it was a cracked starter. Now? I have no clue!
No matter what, make sure you get service tickets for all of the ‘repairs’ in case you need to invoke the Lemon Law.


Thanks! I`ll have to call around to some Ford dealerships and see if any have a rental. since I work Monday through Saterday, it makes it hard to do that.



Try turning the key from off to run. let it sit for a couple of seconds then turn it off. Repeat. Finally, try to start it normally. If that works, you have low fuel pressure. Maybe one of your injectors are leaking.


This is rediculous! The dealer


There are troubleshooting techniques for your car’s problem. The troubleshooting charts are right there in the service manual. I don’t know what the dealer’s problem is. Call the Ford zone representative. The Ford dealer can give you the telephone number.


I already tried charging the fuel pump. doesnt help. I dropping my car off this morning, and my local Ford dealer. It had to go anyway, cause my gear indicator came out. they said theyll check it out tomarrow morning, or if the car sits long enough while replacing the gear indicator. hopefully it`s nothing too serious.
Wish me luck!


Before anyone on earth can even make a wild guess, you need to provide some info.

WHAT happens with the key is turned and this delay occurs?
Are you saying there is stone silence with no starter solenoid click sound?
Are you saying there is stone silence for a few seconds and THEN the starter proceeds to crank the engine over?

If I read this right and the problem is the latter, then the battery cable ends should be inspected and cleaned as necessary along with testing the battery.

You will have to talk to the dealer about this problem as to any warranty service IF this is the problem.
Batteries are generally covered by a battery manufacturers warranty and not by FOMOCO (like all others), so it’s possible that you could wind up paying for cleaning any corroded battery terminals or battery replacement; either in full or partial payment depending on if and how the battery is pro-rated.


Its hard to explain its well, ok, Ill try to explain it. Its like it cranks fine, it just takes longer for the engine itself to turn over. then it idles high, lopes down (almost like it wants to die) but instantaniously recovers! After all that she runs beautiful, until it sits for 6+ hours, and I start it again. Its possible it could just be a Ford engine thing, but I just want to make sure! You see, my last car, an 2002 Taurus started doing the same thing, but then while at idle, or stoped at a stop light it would lope, and shake and act like it wanted to die. I had to sign it at a Lemon, because the dealers (about 5) none could figure out what was wronge with it. So yeah, Im might be over concerned, but I dont want to take any chances. its in the shop as we speak, so hopefuly they can figure out what`s going on.


Hopefully they will get it figured out. My two guesses (barely educated ones!) based on the symptoms could be an Idle Air Control valve acting up a bit for number one. Especially so if you do a lot of short hop, stop and go driving.

Number two could be a tiny flaw in the fuel pump check valve or a contaminant of some sort preventing the valve from sealing properly. This valve is designed to maintain fuel pressure in the system when the engine is off and allow an instant start. Loss of some or all of the pressure can cause stumbling and an erratic idle when started. Once the air bleeds out it is fine.
Hope that helps. :slight_smile:


It’s a 2007 and it is having cranking issues and the gear selector “fell out”? Woo-wee, sounds like Ford quality to me. And they wonder why nobody wants to buy their junk.

Good luck; all I can say about Ford is you better triple-check anything they do. They put my transmission pan back on without a new gasket (or any gasket) and 1 mile from the dealership – guess what – CA-CHUNK, that is all she wrote. They then proceeded to tell me it was MY FAULT and I would have to pay for a new transmission. When I brought a friend of mine who is a lawyer back in with me the next day, the song and dance changed. I ended up having the regional Ford people tow my truck to another dealership 40 miles away because I wasn’t trusting these people. Almost 2 months later I get the truck back and it never drove the same again.


what type of Taurus? i have a 03’SES, and i might switch it to a grand marquis


it`s an SEL


Well, got my car back this morning! They said they couldnt find anything wronge! I did ask my Dad. he was a Ford mechanic, he just quit about a month ago, and went to a smaller independent shop. But hes knows Ford and Mercury like the back of his hand. He said it sounds a little rough, but it should work itself out. but if it does get work, or coming winter, it acts up more, to let him know.


It’s a quick and easy thing for your dad to put a fuel pressure gage on it, turn the ignition key ON to pressurize the fuel system, wait 30+ minuets, and look at the fuel pressure. Check the manual for HOW LONG the fuel pressure should hold.


ok, how do I do that? Is there a way to do that with out taking the fuel tank off?


ASK your dad!