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This truck puts most hot cars to shame

This is a serious sleeper truck. A youtube vid of it is amazing.


it is a 1970 chevy pickup that is still used for everyday farm work and fishing trips. it’s running a BBC. There are other videos of it that are shorter, but show it’s racing ability.

Bet that’s fun to drive in the rain.


Not bad, but nowhere near the fastest pickup I’ve seen. There’s a guy around here with an alcohol burning twin turbo Lightning. I’ve seen it on the road a couple times. It runs high 9’s at the strip, I can attest to that, because I did a run against him on a test & tune night a year ago. The truck is very quick. The guy won’t say exactly how much power it puts down, but he did say on the race tune, it puts down “over 800 HP at the wheels”

but I bet it doen’t look like a beater =)

One major part of my computer security plan is clicking on as few links as possible, only if it is something I just have too see.

I used to really like modding my cars and their engines but it just got too expensive and if you don’t have a place to work your project is destined not to get finished. Now I mod. computers (setting up water cooled computers and folding rigs are my hobby, the truck just gets me from here to there now)

No it does not. It looks just like a stock Lightning, but with substancially wider rear tires, and strange noises coming from underneath the wood. I agree that the truck in the video you posted is quite the sleeper.

Wow. Awesome sleeper. That would be seriously fun to own.

Tell me about it. I just bought two GTX 480’s for my machine. The 3 year old 8800GT’s weren’t up to the task anymore.

what are those?

Video cards for computers. If you play any “real” games on the PC, you’re going to want a decent video card or two, or three. Most mass-market PC’s like Dells or HPs like you would buy at Best Buy usually have integrated video, which means that the GPU is built into the motherboard, it’s very cheap to manufacture and if all you’re doing is internet surfing or cranking out word documents it’s all you need. But if you like to play games, integrated graphic solutions won’t cut it. Unfortunately good dedicated video card can get pricey, for a mid-range card expect to spend about $300. The high end ones can cost as much as $700, and they’ll have a lifespan of about 2 or 3 years before they become obsolete.

I run two video cards in my home machine. The ones I just run around $400 each and they consume a fair amount of energy. I had to upgrade my computer’s power supply to a 1000 watt model in order to power the cards sufficiently.

Two 480’s,Wow that is some serious graphics power, have you heard of the protien folding research done by Stanford? those 480’s really fold well, too rich for me though.

I’ve heard about folding@home. But my goals aren’t quite as noble, I’m just trying to finally max out Crysis :slight_smile: