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Do think I can get any more wood on this load? (in response to the Pinto)

This photo was taken at a gas station near me. This truck is seen most days with a load like this.

Is the wheelbarrow strapped to the back to keep the truck bed off the ground?

Gadzooks, man!

Why do I picture one of those old Looney Tunes episodes where the character is barely holding onto all sorts of heavy things like an airplane, space shuttle, trees, anvils, cars, etc. Then a leaf blows onto the pile of things and everything collapses?

And here I was thinking I did terrible things to my vehicles, like hauling 2,400 pounds of sand in the back of a 3/4 ton Chevy, or exceeding the towing capacity by a thousand pounds or so. It appears here that someone is trying to find out how much a ten bolt Chevy rear end can take before it gives out. Or maybe any of the other mechanical bits on this little pickup truck.

Some 30+ years ago I owned a Chevy Luv truck.

I got a yard of top-soil to add to my garden. When I went over 35mph…I could turn the steering wheel without have any effect on the direction of the truck.

I hope this was in Minnesota so that we can be sure the police stopped him.

I’m quite certain that at speeds over 30MPH that this truck would take a very long time to stop…if ever.

Would it even get to 30?

It would be interesting to know how much air pressure he’s got in those rear tires.

This is in Michigan. This truck is sill on the road. I seen it last month. The cops don’t stop it. I have never seen it over 45 mph. This is one of many wood hulling trucks around here. Yes most look like this.

JMHO, but it seems to me that wood hauler pickup is more of a threat than the Pinto.

There is a farmer here who used to drive around in an 80s era Ford 1/2 ton pickup with a hay spike on the back and one of those large round hay bales leveraged out on the back of that spike.
He could be seen doing 20 MPH on the highway with both hands on the wheel trying to keep the truck on the roadway as the front tires were kind of hit and miss on contact with the pavement.
Even his pickup didn’t sag as bad as that wood hauler. :slight_smile:

Is that load of wood a week’s worth of back breaking labor? Whoever cut and split it isn’t afraid of work. What is the going price of a face cord of firewood in Michigan when delivered?

They cut and load that in about 4 - 5 hrs. A face cord is $45-$65 right now.

S10s are tough little trucks, but this is ridiculous. I’d hate to be next to, behind, or in front of that driver, especially in a panic stop situation.

That guy is really earning his money; especially if he’s splitting those logs like Abe Lincoln did instead of using a hydraulic splitter.
I wonder how many logs that guy has left scattered along the highway and how many incidents of damage has happened when someone smacked into one?

Even worse, a motorcycle hitting one at night can be very bad news. Many years ago I hit a brick at 70+ MPH on my BMW, went airborne, and my heart was in my throat for quite a while until I got the beast stopped without crashing. It pushed the aluminum wheel rim back about 3 inches and the tube was protruding out like a large soap bubble. A log would be much worse.

(I was following about a 100 yards behind a brick hauler on the interstate when I thought I saw something kicking up off of the pavement. By the time I realized a band had broken on a stack of bricks and the hauler was shedding them on the roadway it was too late. Good luck, not riding skill, caused me to miss all of them except one; bad luck dictated that I hit the last one in my path. ) :frowning:

I blew up the picture and brightened it a bit. The lines for the box are all wrong, I’d say the box is probably only held to the frame by the rear bolts, and it is pivoting due to the weight. The other thing I noticed was beneath the wheel barrow is a hitch that is resting on the pavement, and appears to be worn on the bottom, probably due to it being dragged on the pavement. It does not appear to have any rear brake or signal lights, I predict a load of spilled firewood soon!

You can’t make any money in the firewood business, as the picture shows…

Yeah much worse than the poor guy with the Pinto. At least the Pinto had tail lights.