This Is Totally Unbelieveable!

Watch this.


At 0:10 (pause it) you can see what looks like TWO people in the car. The other guy may not have done so well…

That’s the theory on another car site. They figure the other guy is lying under the crushed car at the end of the video.

I’d bet the guy who walked away was in church the following Sunday…

It’s amazing he got out of that thing at all.

Looked like he had a bit of a headache, but surprising he fared so well. This sort of reminded me of a video I saw once where a car ran a red light at an intersection and hit a motorcyclist. Both were traveling probably 30-40 mph and the motorcyclist was thrown probably close to 100 feet. The motorcyclist responded by getting up off the ground, running at the car that hit him yelling, cursing, and shaking fists in anger, gave the driver of the car an earful for a good 20 seconds or so, then picking up what was left of his motorcycle and pushing it down the street.

Definately two people in there. Looks like the driver cushioned the passenger like an air bag. Driver was probably pretty much mush by then although there wasn’t a lot of blood on the passenger.

I agree about two people in the car. The guy we see seems to be coming from passenger side of the car. At the nine second mark I can make out the driver’s left hand on the steering wheel, definitely left hand drive (like US). And as @texases wrote, at ten seconds, you can briefly see two figures in the car.

Driver must have been killed on impact. This is monumentally stupid driving, probably alcohol or drug influenced. I hope the driver in the truck was ok, but I’m sure this is something which will haunt that driver a long time, probably forever. What a shame such things happen.