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You've gotta love this

A word of caution to all you DIYers out there…


You’d have to be either drunk or a dimwit to do that.

I enjoyed the video. It looked like the driver might be wearing some fancy driving shoes. I hope he knows how to tie them.

No harm done, just a Mazda and no one hurt.

He probably swapped wheels over to the rally-x in the parking lot.

Or in too much of a hurry. I once lost a wheel because I was in too much of a hurry, and didn’t double check my work. Lost the wheel on a side road after 5 miles.

Since someone knew to video this otherwise mundane event, you assume the cameraman was in on the ‘joke.’ With friends like this, you don’t need…

Well, it’s pretty clear you didn’t bother to read the article. The video wasn’t of the incident they were reporting.

“Of course, upon hearing this we immediately thought of the above video classic where an RX7 loses all its rubber after the driver failed to torque things down, though it’s on a cone course and at low speeds, not a freeway at high speeds.”