A 2 part Lamborghini in Thailand!

I am an American who lives in Thailand. Today we had a flash thunderstorm. About 5 miles north of my town this accident happened. The owner of this BRAND NEW Lamborghini was driving at about 90 mph when he hit a tree. The car was torn in two. The front end with the driver ended up in the ditch, and the rear of the car was in the middle of the road. The news reported that after he settled in the ditch, he saw the tail end of his car and thought it was what he had hit. It was not until after he got out of the remains of his super car, that he realized that it was part of HIS car. The driver only had a couple of bruises and a large repair bill!

New meaning for … ‘‘CAR PARTS’’

The irony is that the back half of that Lambo is probably worth more than all 4 of my cars combined :wink:

The driver only had a couple of bruises and a large repair bill!

Repaired - No.

Replaced - Yes.

True story: I once got out to help a young lady who slid right in front of me and struck a tree. She hit the tree sideways and the new Mustang sheared off right at the windshield. The engine continue to run the entire time I was cutting the seat belt to get her out of the car. It continued to run for a couple of minutes more as I helped her get safely away from the crash site. BTW…the car had a great big Holley carburetor. I think that scared her more than the wreck itself since it was so loud.

That thing reminds me of the 2-Door Honda Accord I saw about 10 years ago on the interstate near Purcell, OK. The driver clipped the left rear wheels on a tractor-trailer rig and it sliced the car in half right at the firewall.

The rear half was in the center median facing north and the front half was on the shoulder a few hundred feet further down and facing south.
If the driver survived that one it would not surprise me if sheer terror prevented them from ever getting in a car again.