This could be confusing

I think this guy works at the NH DMV.



Center yourself!

Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right… Here I am, stuck in the middle with you!


Could be the US Park Service too. They have some of the worst road markings I’ve seen. The George Washington Parkway in Northern Virginia doesn’t announce exits until you’re right them. There’s the ramp, there’s the sign, there’s no time to move over from the left lane.

Just goes to show you have to choose your own path regardless of what the signs say.

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When you come to the fork in the road, take it.


Several years ago we were passing through Oklahoma City and needed to stop for gas. At one point my wife, who was driving in the left lane, complained, “By the time I see a gas station it’s too late to change lanes.” It didn’t occur to her 1. To go ahead and get in the right lane or 2. That there would probably be a gas station near pretty much any off ramp.

There’s no indication that any exit exists until you see the sign where the ramp veers away from the parkway. Unless you know the exit is there, you will likely miss it no matter what lane you’re in.

A city street on my route to work was reduced from 3 lanes to 1 last year, I took an alternate route. There must be a way to deal with a lane that ends and a closed lane.

Three or more lane road?

I have included summary of ownership
From purchase new til now. A/Ccompressor out now. Replaced start of summer, but started leaking less than month later. Replaced under warranty, but failed again in September. Definitely done my part to keep economy going

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Jim have you posted to the wrong thread ?

Use the New Topic button and make your own thread if you need help.

I posted a history of the Blazer and the issues I’ve had with it. Wasn’t sure where to put it. Please let me know how to correct. I did see this could be confusing, but I thought I had tagged summary under comments about gas gauge.

@cdaquila Jim Freeman needs help.

Hi @JimFreeman. If you’re logged into, click on the button that says “new topic.” It will bring up a form to post a question. If you copy and paste what you wrote in your profile summary and submit the form, I’ll move these posts into your thread. Don’t worry about it; we’ll get it straightened out: welcome.

It’s supposed to be there, but it took a while to get logged on an IPad and get the post to show up. Tried logging in via Twitter, but it did not work. Changed p/w, got logged on. Tried to download. Surprisingly changing the way the IPad was held allowed post to show up. Sorry for confusion.

Jim Freeman

Hi Jim. Which post are you referring to? It seems that this may have been in response to something else.

Ownership summary. Just summed up what my experience with the Blazer has been.
Listed problems I have encountered and what actions I took. With it being an ‘86, it’s
getting harder and harder to find any replacement parts other than salvage yard. The
Ownership post reflected frustration in nagging problems that continue to pop up.
These problems tend to damper my enthusiasm about getting problems corrected.

Your ownership post is on your profile so it may not be seen by many people . Please start your own thread instead of tagging on to other threads about a different subject.

Frankly this vehicle is past it’s sell date anyway.

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I thought I did what Carolyn asked me to do. She said she would move the posts if I copy/paste the summary under new topic.

I realize the Blazer is past the sell date value wise. I thought the forum was to try to fix
problems regardless of age, not sell. I am retired and do have disposable income to
try and maintain pristine condition. My goal has been to keep it serviceable as long as I
can. I have already passed the point of exceeding it’s value spending more than it’s
worth in repairs.

Jim Freeman

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