Thinking of buying a Hyundai

Lets get info from a website that is sponsored by Ford. That is real legit information.
Consumer Reports is really bad for getting information. I’d take the information from GW Bush on WMDs in Iraq before listening to CR.

I just bought a 2011 Sonata, replacing my 2006. I replaced my 2003 Kia Sedona with a 2010 Forte (Kia has Hyundai as a parent, and shares a lot of technology and platforms). I looked hard at the touring, but chose the Forte. It was sportier, had more standard features and was less $, though it is a sedan, not a wagon. I have about 90% happy with my 4. Each one is more solid and well done than the last. I’ve had minor issues, but still less than any other of the 6-7 or so vehicles my family has owned

Many of the newer Hyundais are made in the US. My Sonata was made in Georgia or Alabama (there are plants in both states). They waited for new models to switch to the new plants - saving re-tool costs at both ends.

I believe they do, having owned 4.

don’t forget the timing belt!

Hopefully you steered clear off the Ford focus!!

Maybe after 8 years they may have another vehicle.

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I wonder if he was able to keep it all these years.