Hyundai Elantra-any good?


I need a new-ish car. I drive 30+ miles to work each day and live in the snow of lower Michigan. I read that the new Elantras are good on gas, but I cannot afford new. What is the news about the 2004-2006 Elantras? I think I want the SE or GLS. I would love the heated seats (cold snowy MI!) and really really want a sun/moonroof (cloudy icky MI). Any news on these? I know they were pretty bad for awhile and want to keep out of the lemon market! Thanks for your thoughts…



Looks like an OK car. The great warranty may not come with it, but the reliability looks to be good.


The Elantra is a fine car, as long as you get one made in 2000 or newer. Seeing as you want a 04-06 model, you’ll be fine. Also, you will get some powertrain warranty still on the vehicle. I would say they are about as good reliability-wise as a Honda or Toyota (if not marginally better) but they cost much less.


I’ve been joking with my wife, that if shes going to blow the engine or transmission (with her lead foot) in her 02 Sonata, nows the time to do it, just before the 10 year/100,000 mile powertrain warranty expires.

We bought it new & have’nt had any problems with it.

An 02 or newer Elantra will be equally reliable.