Happy with the Elantra Touring Purchase

A couple of months ago I asked for feedback on buying a Hyundai Elantra Touring v. Toyota Matrix, and the feedback favored the Hyundai. I focused in on shopping for the Elantra, and found a great deal for a GLS, manual transmission, 2011 with cargo tray and rear bumper guard options for $14,000 (hope that’s not gauche to say, I thought the price was terrific). I’ve been driving the car for a month and it is wonderful. Much cheaper than the Matrix and serves my purposes just as well. I can dump two dogs in the cargo section, or 200 pounds of horse feed, doesn’t matter, all is easy to load up and unload. And easier than an SUV to boot; I’m short and I don’t have to lift my 50 pound dog so high when putting her in the back.

Thanks for the feedback! I hope to be driving this car for 200,000 miles.

Glad to hear things worked out so well. I’m a fan of the Elantra Touring and am considering one as a replacement for my Subaru Legacy station wagon.

Please take the time to read the owner’s manual and the maintenance schedule. Following the maintenance schedule will guarantee the longest possible life from your new car.

The money you saved by buying the Elantra over the Matrix will buy a lot of horse feed. :smiley:

Also, keep track of repairs(timing belt/water pump, brakes, tires, suspension components, spark plugs/wires are NOT repair items) over the life time of your car, and see if you’ve spent the price difference when you get rid of the car years down the road