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"these are a few of my favorite things"

Be it a building ,pet ,lawnmower,tool or etc; give us some of your most cherised things,thanks -Kevin

In no particular order: My crazy cat. My GF. My home-built PC. My bed. Rum. Good beer. (If you think Bud Lite is good beer, go away…) Days off. Vacations. (see days off) Classic video games from the 80s, including the coin-ops I own. Cars. (also hate them at times) Good music. Good books. Autumn.

give us some of your most cherised things

What, you some kind of liberal democrat or something? :wink:

My wife and almost 2yr old are my most cherished gifts. Nothing else has mattered much in the last 2 years. Everything else has taken a back seat.

Even though my vehicles and tools are idle, I’m not about to give them away!

My wife…my daughter…my son and all the great vehicles I once owned that would be worth a fortune today. At least I have the memories of those vehicles.

#1: my children
#2: my children
#3: my children
#4: my children
#5: my friends

TT, you have your head on straight. I tip my hat to you. Althought a Bentley Cabriolet WOULD be nice!


(If you think Bud Lite is good beer, go away…)

If you haven’t already, grab a bottle of Gulden Draak.

Family members, family photos, and old cars that I wished that I still had pushed to the back burner, I would have to say in no particular order.
My 2 old Harleys along with some Harley parts, memorabilia, and petroliana. Some of this stuff is rarer than hens’ teeth so I have a solid attachment to it.

A guitar that my kids surprised me with on my birthday and another that my sister surprised me with.

A Plecostamus fish in my 55 gallon acquarium. His name is Bob and he’s been part of the family for over 25 years even though the life expectancy is about 15. He’s still as rowdy as the day we got him; it’s just that he’s grown from 1.5" to about 18" and a couple of pounds.
Bob is pretty cool to watch because he plays basketball with a Conch shell by dribbling it on the bottom with a pectoral fin and then banging it off the lid of the acquarium. This can be heard throughout the house.
We’ve recently gotten him a 7" long old Ford pickup as a tank decoration and he’s taken to flipping it over with the pectorals even though the truck is pretty heavy.

A basketball-playing Plescostamus fish? Now that’s a good one for youtube!

Guys we take it for granted our loved ones are the most important people ,I dont think of them on the same level as things .FYI I’m not a liberal democrat either-I be Libertarian-Kevin

If you can think of decades as “things” then I have to say that the 6O’s& 70’s are among my favorite things(With the exception of the Vietnam war,what a terrible waste-I love and support our Vets who answeared when Duty beckons)-Kevin PS.ShadowFax,where may one obtain Gulden Draak? Lite beer seems such a waste of time.

“grab a bottle of Gulden Draak”

La Fin du Monde, too. BTW, can we get Gulden Draak in the USA?

Besides family and beer that shadowfax likes,

CTS-V wagon, Acura NSX from last 3 or 4 years, Bentley Brooklands, Porsche Boxter S

@kmccune @jtsanders

There are a few stores in MN that sell it, so I’m sure it’s available nationwide. Easy to spot - it’s in a white bottle. It’s not cheap, but it’s worth it. Check your local stores, but if you can’t find it, you can get it online:,996.html

JT, I’ll take an NSX from any year. Phenomenal car. I wish Honda was still the way it was when it made that.

One really strange precious thing I have is one of the few Burkhead Safety Racks hand-made by Lowell Burkhead, the inventor, before he died, and stamped with his serial number. One can buy a lot of Burkhead Safety Racks, they are used all over the world by military and police units. But it is nearly impossible to buy one he personally made.

I do love my 2002 Sienna, but is would be easy to buy another, newer one. So, I do not treasure it as I do that Safety Rack.

For those who don’t know what a Safety Rack is, it is body equipment used in rappelling. The Safety Rack is a very safe piece of rappelling equipment. if you pass out, you do not fall. In fact, Lowell used to joke if you die while using one, your skeleton will be right there for a very long time.

Thanx and a hat tip,to you Shadowfax-Kevin

@Shadowfax: That’s one that I haven’t tried. I’ll keep an eye out for it. I’d also love to find some genuine Trappist ale here, not “Trappist style”

@oblivion : There’s a beer store in my city that gets the real Trappist stuff. It’s all good, but some of it is incredible. Makes Draak look cheap, though, so I don’t indulge very often.

We get most of the Abbey ales here in the Baltimore/DC area. My BIL gets them in Portsmouth, VA too. Expensive beer is around $15 to $20 for a 750 ml bottle. But that’s cheap for wine. BTW, Delirium Tremens also comes in a while ceramic bottle. If you haven’t tried that, give it a shot. Mighty fine, and the pink elephants really make the label.

shadowfax, there’s a new NSX coming out as early as 2015, but it’s supposed to be a hybrid somethin-or-other. It looks sweet on paper, but it will have stout competition from the R8, Corvette, GT-R and 911. One thing I know for sure, though, is that Jerry Seinfeld won’t get the first one.

Just had some “Old Leghumper” Porter by Thirsty Dog brewing company on draft… not bad, A little sweet.

So much beer and ale,so little time.Guys is there any thing like beer or ale ,that actually tastes good to a older palate?-Kevin (in other words give the me 95% as good,for 50% of the cost{making a list you know} Thanx

My Cannondale. It takes me 20 minutes to drive to work. It takes me 27 minutes to ride to work. Riding is better.
Also, my 1998 Jeep Wrangler. The more time my Subaru spends in the shop, the more I love my Jeep.
I used to really love my daughter. Then she started college. Now? Not so much.