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What do you love?

Well to start off with,if anyone is interested you can go to the"Uncle Spy admits it " on today and read the 377 words the govt security agencies monitor for on the internet-its a blog by Simon Black.Nuff said.
Now at the end of the day do love the vehicle that served you well,carried your tools,got you home safely and made you money and was a general asset to yourself and mankind in general or do you love the showpiece hanger queen?-Kevin

My wife loves her 1979 Chevy short stepside. that’s why we still have it.
I’d like my 1978 Chrysler Cordoba back, but the next owner wrecked it.
My best buddy was my 1992 Ford Explorer. Until the family grew too big, it was a perfect fit and near indestructable. It did everything I asked it to from pulling a loaded country/rock band gear trailer all over the four corners to servicing everyone who called me for ‘‘roadside assistance’’. ( special ordered it new and kept till 10/09 when we got the 08 Expedition EL )

All three of these were black outside, red inside. ( the 79 was blue when we got it then customized )
These days I can’t buy black/red to save my life :frowning:

Wow Ken,that is a good relationship-Kevin

My 1994 Chrysler LHS has served me well for 13 years. My mom rode in it when she was still alive. I’ve gone through 3 different jobs, 3 girlfriends, two residences, and a lot of general B.S. in life in that time, and it didn’t let me down. It’s getting kind of long in tooth, but will be hard to get rid of. My other old favorite was a 1980 New Yorker I had. Bought it used from a coworker’s grandfather for a song. It was comfortable and nearly indestructible. It served me well for about 8 years until rust started taking its toll.

I know what you mean,a faithful old car,is a faithful old friend-Kevin

Would like to have kept our 1972 Chevelle Nomad wagon. Bought it new and it served us extremely well until 1977, when I sold it to go overseas. It took my family on all of our Army moves during that time, including several long temporary duty assignments and hauled a hard top travel trailer, allowing us to camp out in any weather, with two small kids. One of the most reliable cars I ever owned.

Love my 1997 V8 Ford Explorer. Bought it new, kiddo was four years old sitting in the back seat. Never ended up towing the trailer we planned (didn’t get the trailer), but it’s been the family vehicle for commutes and road trips, up to about three years ago when it started burning a little oil, showing a little rust, and asking for parts, and momma got her RAV4. Kept it around as the winter storm and occasional hauling vehicle until that very same kid made it his daily driver, and took it to 181,000 miles.

Later this month I’ll be saying goodbye to it but not really - - it’s going to a neighbor who needs to replace his work truck. I’m glad I’ll still get to see it tool around. It deserves a useful second life., not much help. I love my 68 cougar xr7, but have lost it, worst mistake in my life.

A classic Cougar is a loss indeed.Yes the Von Mises group while helpful,sometimes like the others must be taken with a grain of salt-remember " Sturgeons Law"-Kevin

Sorry, I’ve never loved any car. I do appreciate how some are designed but none has filled enough of all our needs to qualify being “loved”. I reserve that for the living, pets included.

@kmccune, I thought all cougars were classics. The ones I’ve met are. :wink:

I do love my current car, a 1998 Civic DX two-door coupe. She’s got a lot of miles on the odometer, and as a result, I decided not to fix the air conditioner, so rarely, it’s a love/hate thing, but mostly, it’s love.

Dagosa we are just figuratively speaking we know that inanimate objects cant love back(maybe Ivan Sanderson would disagree) but I love and respect most all living creatures(including Cougars-Whoops Whitey)I do have an attachment for good dependable machinery-Kevin

When I was in high school in the '60s I spent many a wonderful evening in the backseat of my dad’s Corvair. How, I don’t know.

Cars that I remember especially fondly include my '72 Vega (even though it was a piece of junk), my '76 Corolla, and my '89 Toyota pickup. My current car, an '05 tC is still serving me well.

I have much better memories of some cars than of others. I have absolutely zero fond memories of my '95 Saturn. None. Zippo. Zero. A car with absolutely no redeeming features IMHO. Except, of course, when it blew the headgasket after my ex took it in the divorce…snicker snicker.

I love my 2001 Toyota Camry, honestly I think it’s kind of sexy. I don’t have an delusions, this is not a fancy car, but I love the low-key efficiency of it. I love that it has a V6 and a useless spoiler; just enough to make me feel special without growing a “nice car ego”.

It helps that I can’t afford anything nicer at the moment (just landed my first real job) but I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of it. If anything I’ll give it to my brother now that he’s entering college.

I drove it 4 hours a day to get to my internship last summer (which helped me land my big boy job). Drove it across the country. I remember being nervous on my way to a first date, I kept revving the engine on the highway to calm my nerves. I remember driving it away from the breakup, I revved the engine out of heartbreak and frustration. I blew out the speakers twice and I remember exactly which songs I was blasting when I blew them.

With that said, I’m saving up for an Audi. They’re sexy too…

Dance with the one that brung ya-Kevin

I love my vette. I note I have one in my online dating profile.

'78, yellow, manual, turns heads.

But then the chicks get mad cause it’s a Che-vette.

Actually people had good service out of Chevettes around here-Kevin

I love my old 52 Dodge truck. I like that it is slow yet loud. It has no modern conveniences, takes a good five minutes to choke, is synchromeshed but likes to be double clutched, doesn’t stop on a dime but has a really loud horn. What I love most is that it leaves a slight but intoxicating trail of carbureted exhaust fumes in its wake, the way old vehicles are supposed to smell.

@RemcoW: Yep, you can tell an old vehicle when you’re behind it by smell alone. Or tell a vehicle that’s running rich or that someone has removed the catalytic converter from.

@RandNotAyn: “Little red Chevette, baby you’re much too slow” (sung to the tune of Prince’s ‘Little Red Corvette’)