Another throwback Thursday- who remembers these?

The 60s version of a CD player :grinning:

Man how old do you think I am. Never seen one. I did read an article in hemmings that said they only sold them for a couple years because they were so trouble prone. Used to be if you had a party and people jumping on the floor was enough to make the needle skip. You can imagine how driving was.

I heard of them, but never saw one.

Saw some on the internet, never in real life.

I think the idea was that you’d pull over somewhere and have a few drinks while listening to some music and then continue your trip.

These had magnetic bottoms to keep them from falling off the glovebox.

Yeah I wonder how that worked? A few whiskey sours and away we go.

I’ve heard of them but probably only seen one in a museum display. Grew up with a 78 Rabbit Diesel that had an aftermarket tape player mounted to the underside of the dash and only AM radio’s in the car’s until the late 1980’s. Did have an 8 track player for the house that may still be in the attic as far as we know.

My dad had one in his 57 New Yorker and as i recall it worked fairly well for the three years we had the car.

If mobile music wasn’t your style, you could always opt for the infotainment feature :slight_smile:

What’s a rerun?

I kinda missed the whole 8 track frenzy. I bought an 8 track radio and tapes for $20 from a guy in the army. I ended up trading them to my neighbor for his fuzz buster. Never worked very well. I just can’t say for sure anymore but I’m pretty sure my 74 olds came with the cassette player and a sample cassette in the glove box. Maybe not but for sure my 81 olds did. My only remains player in the shop went kaput so I have all these tapes and nothing to play them with.

I knew a guy who had a 65 Barracuda with one of these.

Beer tap in car, keg in the trunk. Sorry the video doesn’t play but it only shows the guy drawing a drink.

I don’t think I ever noticed one installed in a car, but I saw used versions for sale at 1960’s era flea markets once in a while. Some used tubes, others used transistors.

Illegal in most states I’ve lived in.

Is it legal in any state? My friend had this car in 1967.

We used to have a portable tv that we used on long trips. Ok in the back seat for sure. Front seat I think was ok as long at the driver couldn’t see it. Reception was terrible outside of major cities.otoh we use video players and I pads all the time. Not me because I’m driving.