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There's a pond in my car!

Every time it rains my car collects water on the front passenger side. It seems like it’s coming from behind the glove box. If you sit there during a storm the water drips directly on your feet and forms a small pond! The dealer has no idea what it is after looking at it multiple times during routine visits. Now they’re saying that it will cost a minimum of $200 to really research the problem. I’ve tried cleaning out the well between the hood and windshield - you know, the place where the leaves collect, but that hasn’t solved it. Any suggestions?

If you have a sunroof look at that.

There are three common sources of water there.

That grilled area in front of the windscreen has a drain.  If it gets blocked, that water ends up where you found it.  It can also get water there from a blocked drain from the A/C.  Finally, if you have a sun roof, it may also have a blocked drain.  

The standard tools for each of those are the same; “String trimmer line” from the garden store or compressed air.

In any case, be careful that you don’t damage anything trying to clear the blockage.

Aha! Thanks. I guess if I just poke around by the windscreen, I’ll find the drain? Or maybe it will be in the book? Not sure, but I’ll start the investigation. And, no, I don’t have a sunroof. Thank you!!