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2000 Towncard Water Leak

Whenever there is a ran or even running the car through a car wash the driver side floor collects water. I can not see any coming from the panels and the lines from the sunroof are not clogged and the drains from outside below the front windshild also are not clogged. Any ideas where this water is coming from?

You can try to replicate the problem, a hose running on the windsheild, check for water, then driver door, check, then sunroof. Maybe you can pinpoint where you need to look more closely.

If your car has a sunroof, the drain path through the A-pillar may be plugged. Clean the paths out with those long fuzzy wire things from the craft store (cannot remember what they’re called).
Other than that, Barky has made an excellent suggestion.

Is the undercarriage sprayed at the car wash? If not, it must be coming from above. Anther tell of this type is if there is water in the driver’s footwell if it rained while the car sat outside, it came from above. The car is 16 years old and might have a rusted undercarriage.

A friend had the same problem with crain lines on a Pontiac. The rubber lines came loose from from a T adapter. Of course he had to take off the kick plate and remove the parking brake pedal to get to it.

I had this problem w/my truck one time, on the passenger side. Everything was clogged!! It was a huge job to correct. What I did was take a garden hose to the windshield area and to the passenger side windows, only a trickle draining under the car. And nothing draining from the bottom of the door when the door is opened, even when I spray water into the door with the window down. Arrgh … Anyway, 3 hours later I’m covered in mud but the drains are clear again. I had to use an assortment of screwdrivers and sticks, short and long, the shop vac, but eventually I got it all draining again. A mirror comes in handy too.