Thefts from parked cars may be largest source of stolen guns

Looks like they’ve taken μολων λαβε literally.

Translation please.

Molon labe - Wikipedia(Ancient%20Greek%3A%20%CE%BC%CE%BF%CE%BB%E1%BD%BC%CE%BD,the%20Spartans%20surrender%20their%20weapons.


Thefts of guns from vehicles ( many left unlocked ) is not actually a new thing .


If you would not leave $500 cash in your glovebox, why would you leave a handgun?

There may be times that must be done but thefts are more likely early in the morning parked in your own driveway.

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I have posted this before . Our addition has 52 homes . Car hoppers ( people going around looking for unlocked vehicles ) in one night took - 2 handguns - 3 laptops - 50 dollars in cash - 2 womens purses with credit cards and other stuff . That is just what we were told about .

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Each week, the local police blotter is filled with reports of (pick one or more…) laptops/cash/cameras/clothing/cell phones that were stolen from unlocked cars. There also tend to be one or two reports per week of cars that were stolen because the vehicle’s key fob was left inside an unlocked vehicle. The “winner” of last week was the theft of an unlocked car that contained not just the fob for that vehicle, but also the keys for the owner’s other car, plus the keys for his home.

The carelessness of some people just amazes me.


I went to college in a city (Syracuse). Very high crime rate around the University. Learned to lock my car all the time. Moved to NH to a very quiet area. Still locked my car. I was probably the only one who ever locked their car in that neighborhood. Then about 4 years after I moved into the neighborhood, there was a rash of car item thefts. People started locking their cars.