The unknown car squeel continues

So, continuing on, heres the latest:

Thanks for all the help! I looked. it is a 2.7 L 2002 Chrysler concord.

I put a video here: http://www…cXXdfLOgcM

for you to hear what it sounds like. I made it blurry to hide my identity. I work for the government, no not really!

The problem is, its SO hard to get to the serpentine belt!!! I have about 3 inches of space for my hand. I have no idea how I would be able to see anything.

So…what do you think!? THANKS!

In your video the car only squeels when your car is in motion, could it be something with you wheels? If you can touch the belt try turning your car on, and holding a bar of soap over the belt so it is barely touching this works really good on sqeaky belts.

Have you had a brake inspection performed? Some brake pads have wear indictors attached to them so that when the pads wear to a certain point, the indicators come in contact with the rotors and make that squealing sound.


It’s not the serpentine belt. I’m going to agree with Tester at this point. Check the brakes. It could be the brake wear indicators. Start there.

For what it’s worth, I had a water pump bearing that sounded like that. when the water pump is on its last legs it normally squeals before it fails. The belt tensioner could also be failing.