Squeaky serpentine belt?

car: 1998 nissan maxima with 92k miles. i just got the serpentine belt and power steering belt changed (only 2 belts on the car. now, the belt squeals when i start up for a few seconds, and when i turn on the heat. it seems to squeal the most when i am slowing down for a stop sign or a stop light. mechanic checked it out, cannot figure it out. any ideas?


Assuming it does not squeak when you move the steering wheel, then I would rule out the PS belt. The squeaks from the other belt can be the belt itself, any of the pulleys. Tensioner. or anything being turned including alternator, AC etc. One way of tracking it down is to find listen for it. Open the hood, and get a length of garden hose (maybe three or four feet long). Use it like a stethoscope and listen at every part that is moving when the belt is moving. I am thinking alternator.

Had a timing belt replaced by a non-dealer garage in my '96 Explorer. Drove from GA to Mich without a problem, but a loud squeak started occurring on start-up. Visual inspection looked liked everything was lined up (also had a new tensioner installed with the belt). Squeak became increasingly louder. When I returned to GA, I took it to a Ford dealer who claimed the belt was a cheaper aftermarket installation, and the squeak was caused by shredded pieces getting in the pulley system. They cleaned the pulley of the debris and installed a new
belt…no more problems.