Squeaky noise

I have two questions…first, does my 2002 Chevy Cavalier LS Sport have a timing/serpentine belt (do all cars have one)?

And second, I noticed this morning in my commute to work a low squeaking noise coming from the enginer area… it only squeaks when I accelerate and the speed of the squeak increases as I go faster. Any idea what this may be?

Thanks so much!

#1): Your vehicle has a timing CHAIN and yes, a serpentine belt.

#2: Your squeak could be from a worn wheel bearing/brake component/ worn belt/a/c clutch or even a pulley bearing.
I’m not sure if your power steering pump is driven by the serpentine belt or another separate one.

If your serpentine belt is more than 3 or 4 years old, I would go ahead and replace it. I’ve had good luck with Gates/Napa belts, but prefer the Goodyear Poly-V available at Advance Auto (at least on the net).

Ed B.

Suggestion; when at home with engine running and with the hood open, if you hear the squeaking noise, pour a little water on the serpentine belt, it will spray a little so stay dry. if the noise stops, start to look for a replacement belt. If not, there may be something else wrong. Good Luck.

hey - thank you all for replying… i know very little about cars, so this is a great help!