My 2003 F150 Squeals!

I got into my truck yesterday and noticed a loud squealing/chirping noise coming from the left front end. After I drove it a while it went away but this morning, it’s BACK! Not sure if it’s in the tires or under the hood but it’s louder on the left end. Any thoughts?

Check the tension on the serpentine belt. If the belt is loose or worn it can squeal at start-up.

Another possibility is a brake wear warning indicator, which is designed to get your attention before the brakes wear out completely.

If it’s the belt, is this something I can fix? Is there a manual someplace which shows me how to check the serpentine belt? I’m trying to do this myself as I can’t afford right now to take it to a mechanic. I can right a book on my bad experiences with mechanics. No offence to the good honest ones out there. :slight_smile: I’m hoping it’s something easy that I can do. Thanks.

The Autozone guide only goes up to the 2000 model year, but I’m pretty sure the 2003 is the same body style. I usually replace the serpentine belt every 3 or 4 years on my vehicles. A new belt is usually $20 to $30. I prefer Gates or Goodyear Poly-V belts.

Changing a serpentine belt isn’t too hard. This autozone page shows the procedure better than I can explain it.

Ed B.

Thanks for the info. Okay, something new. The noise went away. WHY would that happen? Could it be even worse?