The Ultimate Creeper

I don’t know if anyone has seen this yet, but watch this.


I remember seeing this awhile back. Unfortunately it seems to be vaporware. They tried to fund it via Indiegogo. They ended up raising $2600 out of the needed $100,000 before the campaign closed out.

That’s cool. But I know a few mechanics that are tinkering on being obese…that thing would push them over the edge.

Overly complicated
Too many moving parts . . . more things to break
Will the batteries be available, when they won’t hold a charge . . . ?!
How expensive are these batteries . . . ?!
I strongly suspect it won’t work very well, when I need to work under a truck, which is parked in the dirt, and it can’t be moved

This is just a gadget, or toy, if you will


Donald Sutherland in Kelly’s Heroes.

“Why do you have to be such a downer man? Always with the negatives.”


Or “catching some rays”:

Go ahead and buy one, in that case

I’ll let you be an “early adopter” of new technology


I don’t need one.

I have a lift. :wink:

I just thought it was cool.


Not my cup of tea but a pretty fascinating and innovative device with some serious engineering involved.

I want one!

I’ll be a sourpuss

I don’t even want one


I have to ask how much it sells for. Therefore, I can’t afford it.

If the thing had a pot on it you’d never have to get up again…

The Garage Journal referred to it as a 1000 dollar item to be marketed by DR equipment. That was a couple of years ago so I assume the market and price worked against it.

Not that I’d really want one but one benefit I could see is that it might save the joints and spine of a mechanic. It’s very easy to break/separate/fracture something with the most benign movement.

A downside might be dropping a wrench onto a lever and accidentally raising the thing while you’re under the car… :wink:

It’s just some designer’s imagination run amok. I doubt if they sold a single one.
I used to have dreams like that too. Especially after pepperoni pizza & beer.

If the thing had a pot on it you’d never have to get up again…

Or, if you had some pot while on it you’d never have to get up again…

I have the ultimate creeper - a piece of cardboard.

I saw this a few years ago, I think on one of the “invention shows” that were running at the time.

I researched it a little at the time, just out of curiosity and at the time DR…as in the DR mower were going to produce it, but I think that fell through for a lack of serious buyers.

I figured that if I bought one, I’d have to invest in more bandages. The thing raises pretty fast and I figured I’d be the first to fuse my nose to a hot Cat. Hell I’d have lumps all over my forehead. It’s bad enough now…turning and banging your head on the lift as it is.


Spend the money on a lift.