Should I buy a cheep car and try this method? It is appealing!

Absolutely! Let us know how you make out.

I’ll buy lottery tickets. They’re a better gamble.

As usual, I agree with mountainbike.

You should definitely buy this system for your car, whether it is a “cheep” one (one for the birds, I guess), or whether it is a cheap one.

As we all know, a massive conspiracy has kept gifted inventors from sharing miracle products like this with consumers. Thank God for Youtube for allowing us to view a true engineering breakthrough. It’s just too bad that every automotive company in the world lacks the ability to duplicate scientific achievements like this.

Incidentally, after you consult your dictionary for the correct spelling of the word, “cheap”, you might want to look up the definition of “sarcasm”.


Is it just me or does that product look like a glorfied air pump? Nowhere is is verified that it’s actually hydrogen gas coming out of that thing.

Sure, didn’t you see him light it? And you heard the explosion, too. You’re just being a contrarian.

Yes, let’s don’t knock this device. People shouldn’t be critical of something that really may work. I’ve been told the Geritol won’t do an old geezer like me any good, but I keep right on taking it and it makes me feel great. Of course, Geritol is 70% alcohol.

However, in the case of this HHP, I think pouring Geritol in the gas tank would probably do more good.