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Good creeper to get?

I have been looking at creepers, and most I have seen have bad reviews. Do they make good creepers or all they all junk? What is a good one to get?

it’s a friggin creeper and not a space rocket.

Got mine from Northern Tools because I liked the adjustable head rest. $25 bucks.>%20Creepers&utm_campaign=Ironton&utm_content=34146&gclid=CJ6a8vTxzM8CFcEehgodfywOIQ

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How much was the shipping on that? I would prefer to buy one locally.

Are you a sears club member?

Buy a creeper when it’s “club saver days” . . . I’ve had one for several years, and it’s still being used daily, professionally

I agree with a Northern or Sears recommendation. For what it’s worth, I paid considerably more many years ago for a creeper from the Snap-On vendor and it was no better than the worst and cheapest creeper on the market.

The Sears creeper I have now is light years better than the Snap-On Blue Point creeper. The Sears creeper is also about 10 years old now and still fine.

I know sears used to make good creepers and like you said your is 10 years old. Do you think sears still makes good creepers with their store tanking lately?

Volvo will you stop following me around the site and trolling any post I make?

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As Kurt said , this is not rocket science so the answer is probably No.


Go to your local Sears or Ace Hardware (they sell Craftsman products now) and check the creeper out for yourself. Maybe you can put one on the floor and take a test drive.

I’ve had a creeper. I much prefer a large sheet of corrugated cardboard.
We all have our preferences. :relaxed:


I agree with mountainbike on this. Another advantage to cardboard is it’s nearly zero clearance. And it’s free!


Has anyone tried this creeper? It has good reviews but looks kind of small.

Too many moving parts, IMO

I recommend a separate creeper and creeper seat

Sears is your best bet, when it’s “club saver days”

I like the foam sleeping bag or yoga type mats myself, and with a ribbon drive with bricks in the center probably would be fighting with a creeper, though I used turn of the century pavers, so not as smooth as this example.

Does the sears one fold up or is it all one piece?

I have a creeper similar to that.

Convenient when you need a creeper and a stool.

The thing has to be over 20 years old. And never had a problem with it


What are the dimensions of it when used flat? It looks small on the website but I can’t really tell.



What are you going to use it for, is it just for oil changes and such? How often are you going to do this?

The reason I ask is that I have been working on my cars since 1985 or so, always had 2 to 3 cars to maintain and did most of the stuff myself, sometimes in subzero freezing weather and have never used a creeper or felt that I needed one desperately. I use card boards as mentioned above and after they start having too many spots, I change them. I have a bad back and not really your macho type either. I am wondering if you want to do this without a creeper first and then decide if you really need one.