Nice car

nice car


crap. I m really stupid, but if you google…

chad prather - nice car…

…you will find a really funny video on you tube… about 2 minutes of hilarity

if one of you people who aren t idiots would post it for me I would appreciate it.


That’s a fun rant,@wesw.

They featured him on the news this week but I had not caught the name.

Thanks @wesw for the link.

I just listened to about 15 of his videos and he make so much sense and is very articulate without reading off some teleprompter like someone else we are familiar with.

Made my day!!!


Yeah you can’t really watch just one. Who is this guy who tells it like it is? I like the fish face one. Maybe he’ll have one for the lockjaw syndrome of people talking through their teeth without opening their mouth.

Here you go wesw:

The guy has talent.

“he make so much sense and is very articulate without reading off some teleprompter like someone else we are familiar with.”

Can’t we allow Ronald Reagan to rest in peace without reminding everyone about on his reliance on teleprompters?

The kids near me need to hear this. Way too many Sentra’s, Civic’s, Accords setup EXACTLY as he described.

Speaking of working without a teleprompter- check this guy out.
Pretty impressive delivery (and vocabulary :wink: )

This will make all current transmissions obsolete!

Whether you liked him or not, if you ever get a chance to see his library in Simi Valley, its very impressive. Even my wife liked it. Much better than JFK’s and on the same level as FDR’s.

I’m sorry this is car related. They are road trips to see as many libraries as we can before our demise. You get a very different perspective of the presidents by going through their libraries. Hoover and Ike are probably next on the list.


I went to the Reagan library a few months ago, to see a car exhibit. I thought it was a weird place to show cars, but who’s complaining? I most enjoyed the “art deco” cars. pretty wild

I got a trip out of the secret service vehicles and the limousine. It did not escape my notice that the limousine had truck tires. LT235/85R16, I believe. A very common size, actually

I never heard of him before, but I think I could become a fan.

I just wasted a perfectly good hour watching several of those. I gotta go to bed sometime.

Been to the Reagan library, it is 30 miles from our house-so no excuses. We really liked it. I wasn’t expecting cars, but then was pleasantly surprised. Also the plane was neat.

They had a special exhibit about the hostage situation in Iran and that is very close to my heart having living through it.

thanks, I thought that you guys would enjoy it…

I watched 4-5 of his videos, and could have watched them all.

free smiles are always welcome.

‘man, you drivin’ a 1998 Nissan sentra’…priceless

Presidential limos are built on truck chassis. They have been since before Reagan. A car chassis would not be able to handle the weight of all the armor and equipment on the Prez’s limos (currently estimated at 20,000 pounds).
Here’s a link to a few interesting factoids about presidential limos.

It was interesting that FDR was kind of a car guy. At his library they have his 36 Ford that a local mechanic rigged hand controls for so he could drive around his grounds without use of his legs.

What that article on presidential limos omitted is the very unique history of the first armored limo used by FDR. Believe it or not, it was the Caddy that had previously been owned by Al Capone, and which had been seized by The IRS as a result of his conviction for tax evasion.

It seems that gov’t procurement regulations prohibited the expenditure of the amount needed to buy an armored presidential limo, despite the fact that megalomaniac J. Edgar Hoover already had two armored limos that had been bought by him with gov’t funds!

Later in his presidency, a specially-built armored Lincoln (The Sunshine Special) was leased from Ford for FDR’s use, but at the outset of WW II, he was chauffeured around in Capone’s old armored limo.

I’ve come to not judge Hoover as harshly anymore. He mounted a massive food relief program in Europe, donated his salary to charity as JFK did and no one else has, attempted to raise relief spending and corporate taxes to combat the depression, and was later brought in to reorganize the federal government that had become overgrown and unwieldy under FDR. He really was very concerned about the common man and was an efficiency and organizational genius. People still argue if he was on the right track or the wrong track in dealing with the depression as well as the same with FDR. Regardless of who was right or wrong at the time, the war took care of the problem.