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Voting for President

Car Talk, you’re the greatest! I just voted six times in the pick the President by what you drive! That’s too cool! Gotta go now; time to vote for President some more (maybe Trump this time).


I think he’s talking about this…

That’l be interesting given the other discussion on politics and car manufacturers. Do I get three votes though for three cars or maybe four if I include the lawn mower?

I think each car gets their own candidate.Right? Goes to ideology…

Some suggestions for cars vs candidates

VW Microbus – Sanders
Nissan Leaf – Jill Stein
Citroen DS – Gary Johnston
VW Beetle – Rocky de la Fuentes
Chauffeured Lincoln Town Car with NY plates – Clinton
Ford F150 Raptor – Ted Cruz
Chevy Silverado – Jeb Bush
Oldsmobile (or Saab or Saturn) – Santorum (all are out of the race!)
Mercedes E-class – Ben Carson
White nondescript panel van – Christie

So where is Ron Paul on this list?

“So where is Ron Paul on this list?”

He’s also out of the race, along with Mike Huckleberry.

I just wish that Chris Christie was a passenger in a nondescript white van.
Instead, he is being chauffeured around the country in a black Chevy Tahoe, accompanied by a detail of NJ State Troopers–all at the expense of NJ taxpayers–in his vain quest for his next gig.

As of last week, he has been out of NJ for 72% of the time over the last 12 months, yet he continues to collect his full salary.
Nice, huh?

However, the only good news is that he isn’t driving himself.
When he used to drive his Bimmer, on one occasion, he hit a motorcyclist while driving the wrong way on a one-way street, but avoided getting a summons because he played his Do you know who I am? card.
On another occasion, he was stopped for having an expired registration and no insurance, but again he skated away because he was the US Attorney for NJ, and loudly made that known to the poor cop who had the misfortune to stop him.

Whew, I thought you were going to say, “Krispy Kreme delivery van - Christie” I’m a little surprised you didn’t think of that one first. :yum:

So , if the cars we drive would indicate our voting niche . . .
For whom would you think I would vote ?
I drive ;
08 Ford Expedition EL
06 Ford Escape HYBRID
79 Chevy pickup

Do i get to vote for three different ones ?

“Whew, I thought you were going to say, “Krispy Kreme delivery van - Christie” I’m a little surprised you didn’t think of that one first.”

It is well documented that he forces his State Trooper chauffeur to make frequent stops at those doughnut shops.

How else could one undergo Bariatric Surgery, and manage to lose only ~50 lbs over the course of the ensuing 12 months?

Hillary Clinton fights for the poor and under-privileged, and took the most money from Wall Street for her campaign. While the Pope drives a small Fiat, she gets chauffeured around in a limo. Of all the candidates she appears to target the energy industry most and will perpetuate Obama’s war on the automobile.

Hillary only has two problems.

  1. She doesn’t represent me
  2. I no longer believe a single word that comes out of her mouth.

Bernie’s problem is that I’m not mad at Wall Street, corporations, or the rich. He sees a country where the rich make much more than the poor, I see a country where the poor drive cars.

Wish I could pick bicycle and motorcycle as an option to a car.

I ride a 70 mpg motorcycle when I can and I drive a Toyota Yaris other times, It’s hard to lug two shotguns and a flat of ammo to the skeet/trap range on a motorcycle.
So I’m voting for who???

Reminds me of that episode of Cheers where Cliff devises a system for who the next president will be based on the letters in the candidate’s name, and he prognosticates "based on my system, the next president will be “Glilnop McWawWaw” …lol

Geeze guys, I just can’t resist. I’m in enough trouble already. Hillary only took what Goldman offered. The question is why did they offer it? Just pocket change to them I suppose and means nothing.

I do believe that the state police still need to offer protection and transport for the gov though, and state police usually use black SUVs to cart around governors. In Minnesota though Jesse used a Lincoln Navigator with his patrol chauffeur. So maybe Crispy is trying to show some level of economy by downgrading to a Chevy.

I dunno, I just think we ought to just vote next Tuesday and put everyone else out of their misery and save a lot of money that could go to the food shelves.

American politics is a real PAIN. There’s just too much subterfuge using hot button issues. Voter’s attention is kept away from the truly significant issues that must be dealt with in the short term by waving banners emotionally appealing to small constituencies of the emotionally charged voters.

Two of them are Socialists so my list is shorter than the one shown…

More than likely I’ll vote a straight Apathy ticket this year… :smiley:

“So where is Ron Paul on this list?”

I don’t think Ron Paul was running for president in 2016. His son, Rand Paul, was running but dropped out recently. My cousin dragged me to hear a Rand Paul speech years ago and I left feeling that the guy was a moron. When I heard that he was a doctor…I was dumbfounded.

I’m deeply disappointed that there’s no candidate running from the “The Rent Is Too Damn High” party.
(Yes, that’s an actual party in Wash. DC)

Oops! It’s not just DC!

When I look over the choices for President, I keep thinking “Where is Harold Stassen when we need him?”