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What's that thumping?

We have a 2003 Honda Element that already had the struts replaced about two years ago. I recently had the tires rotated and was told that it needed an allignment. There is a “thump” that I hear from the rear of the car when I go over bumps. It sounds like the spair bouncing around, but this sound happens even on the slightest bump. What could this be?

Have you bothered to get down and look underneath? Tried wiggling the spare tire and the tailpipe to find out if anything is loose? At least you can check the storage compartments for loose items. Do this and then give us your report.

sway bar end links ,elements are known for that little issue,i own one.

Ditto. My car is known for having “the clunk”, and it is a sway bar issue. I’ll have to look at the Mazda forum and see what they have to say about it again, cuz I forget. But yeah, what mmsamma said.

A disconnected tailpipe hanger can allow the pipe to thump against the underside of the car. This is something that should be checked when the exhaust system is totally cooled down, such as before you drive in the morning.