The secret behind the CarTalk website!

I recently wrote a letter to the crew for explaining how easily I was able to uncover a hidden secret on the webpage. Here is a cut/copy/paste of what I wrote. Feel free to agree with me, as I am right.

October 28, 2015

Car Talk Web Designer
Registrant Organization: Tappet Brothers Associates
Registrant Street: Box 3500 Harvard Square
Registrant City: Cambridge
Registrant State/Province: Massachusetts
Registrant Postal Code: 02238
Tech Name: Corsis Operations
Tech Organization:
Tech Street: 18 W 21st St
Tech City: New York
Tech State/Province: New York
Tech Postal Code: 10010
Tech Country: United States

RE: All-time Favorite Letters section

Dear “Web Guru”

I’m sure you have tons of better things to do than read letters from fans about how screwed up the website that you designed is, and this would normally be no exception to that rule. I however have investigated thoroughly and found the real truth behind these seemingly innocent mistakes! I offer you the following evidence!

Mistake #1 - In the All-Time Favorite Letters section of the website there is a subheading titled “Department of Higher Learning.” Please look closely at two letter entries in particular titled “Party Planning, the Right Way” and “A Kid to be Admired or Feared.” You will notice that these are duplicates of the same letter! Upon reading this obvious error I thought to myself "Oh, they must have just accidentally linked to the same letter and not realized it. How wrong I was! Please look even further down this same page for the ultimate proof!

Mistake #2 - The subheading titled “Venus and Mars” has two letter entries titled “The Corvette vs. the Closet” and “Lost the Argument and the War!” Another doubled and linked letter! Don’t you see?!? I’ts so obvious!

One mistake would be most likely an accident by you the “Web Guru” but no one in the history of the internet has ever made two mistakes on a website! It’s obvious that you are an agent from a secondary dimension, who has traveled here in a time rip! Ha! I have discovered your secret by uncovering your sloppy methodology. Obviously the time/space rift affected the pathways in your brain, and since you can’t physically see that both links arrive at the same letter in both of these cases than surely you are from another dimension. On a side note, have they figured out holograms there yet? I suspect so, because why else would a 2D web designer need to space-jump dimensionally? Ahh well, besides the point, You have been discovered, and I expect a 26$ bill or a large pumpkin signed with a personal apology in any case, or I will release your secret to the general public. Now that you’ve wasted another 5 minutes of your time reading senseless letters I will sign off.

Jeremy Dewolfe from Escondido, California…(spelled with 1 Q)

P.S. what are tomorrows lotto numbers?

What… What did I just read?

I was bored;)

Amazing. You give someone a totally free and well designed and run forum to vent their car frustrations and they spend their time attacking you … for free… on your own free website.

SuperJDogg, if all you have to offer is a list of grievances, go elsewhere. We help a lot of people here at no charge whatsoever. You’re way, way out of line.

Or, since you’re so bored, get a job.

Or you could look at where I posted this, which is in a general discussion thread, and not in a complaint section, and also you could take a deep breath, and realize not everything in life has to be so serious, and some things are supposed to be humorous. You could do that, or you could point out that you can’t find the tongue buried deeply in your cheek;)

I was going to call SuperJDogg an idiot but I read the forum rules so I won’t do that.

Ok good, thank goodness for that;) Cripes, you’d think everyone here has better things to do than go around reading forum rules! Can’t we all just get along?! :wink:

I don’t really see that he did anything offensive, guys. It was an attempt at humor that maybe didn’t come off all that funny, but professional comedians have bad sets all the time - no one is 100% funny 100% of the times that they attempt humor (although Lewis Black comes close :wink: ). No big deal, right?

I love LB! I wish he would follow me around and berate people I pointed out;)

Never been to that part of the site myself so really doesn’t matter to me. The info though is probably in the white pages. I remember once I needed the address of an employee but HR told me it was private information. I said OK, I’ll just have to check the phone book for that city. She gave me the address.

I am sure I probably made more than 2 mistakes on any given website, it is not a secret though, when you get enough points to be a long lost maglioni brother they send you a secret decoder ring!

Dogg, if you consider what you wrote to be humor, seek help.

@“the same mountainbike” I did consider it humor, If you have a recommendation where to seek help…
Perhaps I am an "an agent from a secondary dimension, who has traveled here in a time rip!"
I consider this humor also.

Thanks guys. I just received a call from the hospital. They are sending some guys now, apparently to confirm the validity of my post. I wonder what they were doing at the hospital? Update shortly!

P.S. I’ve been told by some law firm, by a Mr. Cheatum to cease and desist. I don’t think those words mean what he thinks they mean.

You are obviously very talented, my responses were in jest, hope you appreciate the humor.
Not car related unless you hit a cow and eat it.

Nerd humor alert: One of the background hex color codes on PETA’s website is “BEEEEF”. Some web designer is having some fun at PETA’s expense?

I had to read it a couple of times, but I didn’t find it offensive. I agree with @shadowfax.

@Barkydog I’m using you as my lifeline as soon as Who wants to be a Millionaire calls.

@SuperJDogg I am not worthy! now how to keep it car talk related? Are you able to post the names and associated emoticons?

Speaking of beef: What did the buffalo say to his son as he was leaving for college? “Bye son”. Get it? (bison)

Man am I off topic today, but I’ve got a 200 mile drive ahead of me yet. Hope no deer or buffalo in my path.

A fairly well-written and executed attempt at sarcasm and humor. That’s the philosophy of the Car Talk radio program after all. I expect the OP has discovered that sometimes humor like this isn’t so easy to convey in the written form as it would be if delivered in audio form.