The secret behind the CarTalk website!

What do you call a cow with no legs? “Ground beef.” Sorry.

@GeorgeSanJose sadly true, however I regret nothing!

I don’t think this guy is very funny

He didn’t make me laugh

This is SuperJDogg’s first, and I hope last post. With eight replies to his or her own drivel, s/he’s well on the way to being a long lost Magliozzi brother in the first day.

@db4690 Actually I’m ok with your opinion. It doesn’t degrade my intelligence or personally insult me. It just inspires me to be funnier. So whats a cow with Parkinson’s? A milk shake.

And that’s not funny either.

How do you count a herd of cows? Count all the legs and divide by four.

@“MG McAnick” I never claimed to be funny, just bored;) On a side note I agree with you. I wanted to stretch out my responses to a round number like 10 though.


With all due respect . . .

WHY are you encouraging the guy . . . ?! :confused:

To me the OP seemed innocuous, just an attempt at some humor. Not a great attempt, but an attempt nonetheless. Sarcastic & parody humor is tough to achieve in a forum setting. It comes across much better in person or at least in audio format. I think the OP understands this now.

Maybe the detractors are all jealous that they did not think of @SuperJDogg’s tirade first.

SuperJDogg should be on a stage.

There’s one leaving in 5 minutes… :smile:

Mic check!

Check! Waiter, Check Please!

From OP:

It's obvious that you are an agent from a secondary dimension, who has traveled here in a time rip!

Well, since @Yoemite is still shoeing horses, he probably also comes from a parallel dimension.


Still waiting for the secret to be revealed.