Change in topic description

I see the topic description of general discussion has been changed from,“your forum to discuss all the topics of the day”, to" your forum to discuss all the automotive topics of the day" lol. any thoughts?

Just tryin’ to keep the bar brawls to a minimum I guess. We often get waaay off topic, which is normal for round table discussions.

Well, it is called “CAR” Talk. That was done back when the discussion was being had.

I ve often thought that the puzzlers on the show should be car related. the guys on car talk(click and clack) often stray far from the automotive field, as do we

This was a discussion a couple weeks ago when topics were/are still slow. Some people don’t like all the extraneous stuff and the forum leaders agreed and changed the definition. Some of us like more open/unrestrained discussions sometimes, like in a coffee shop, but that’s the way it goes. I hope it doesn’t have a negative impact on the forum since it doesn’t appear there are enough real car topics right now.

I heard something on my car radio the other day and…

i must have been camping and missed the discussion, does any one remember the title?

Glad they changed the description ,an"all topic" discussion can get pretty eclectic-Kevin

I d rather discuss the issues of the day here than anywhere else. the people are intelligent, well informed and refrain from personal attacks, mostly.

Maybe they’d change “distracted driving” or something to more of a topics of the day or something since it has only had something like 1800 comments. I will have to say though that certain subjects can heat up pretty fast if people aren’t respectful.

lol. car subjects can getheated too. I ll think twice before bringing up hydrogen generators again. I got 35 flags or so for being curious and accused of every thing except killing kennedy. lol. I was proud that iwas flag free, until then. we have to remember that posters may be new to a subject and have not debated it umpteen times, and not get upset if they seem a bit thick to us

" . . . the people . . . refrain from personal attacks, mostly."

I’m not the only guilty one


I’m not totally sold on the topic description yet, but it’s closer to what’s intended than it was. Do you feel like it’s slower lately? It seemed like it, but you’ve come up with some interesting stuff (e.g., wrenching accidents, car chases).

IMHO the reality is that a great many car specific subjects are deeply entwined in and the result of political decisions and politicians. There are CAFE requirements, EPA requirements, sanctions against countries, the (I personally believe now obsolete) “buy American” contingents, debates about car manufacturing, car engineering, the economics of car ownership, and even (in one current thread) whether car designers design in rust prevention… and if so, how well.

Cars are so entwined in politics, economics, international affairs, and even patriotism that I don’t think it’s possible to stop the verbal “knife fights”. Certainly not with a change in topic heading. And I’m not sure they should be stopped by other than the participants themselves unless one party gets personal. The participants in the forum are all multifaceted adults, and I think we all have our biases and all learn from the debates. I know I do. I even learn from those that I will never agree with. If nothing else, I learn that there are different perspectives to the same issues. Often these differences are manifestations of very different core beliefs. The disagreements also force me to think more deeply about my beliefs. I may not change them, but I just might understand them better.

It’s okay to disagree. It’s even okay to disagree vehemently. It’s our responsibility as adults to keep the disagreements on-subject and not take them in personal directions. There are ways to disagree and still show respect. We should all practice them.

This is a great forum. It’s our responsibility to keep it one, not the website people. Their responsibility is to keep the technical pieces up and running, and that is a formidable job all by itself. They do a great job meeting their responsibilities. Let’s do a better job meeting ours.

One man’s opinion.

I’ll second “one man’s opinion”. Except the part about me being biased and all-well maybe I am a little biased.

Thanks Bing. We’re all biased. The trick is in learning to debate even with the biases.

Except, of course, for that gorgeous blond that I mention from time to time. She has no biases. Or perhaps I just cannot see her biases in those deep blue eyes. Oh, nevermind. That clearly isn’t car related. {:stuck_out_tongue:

 "Glad they changed the description ,an"all topic" discussion can get pretty eclectic-Kevin"

I just like saying the word “eclectic.”

It is not like anyone is going to read anything any NBD!

What’s NBD?
I’m behind on the new acronyms.

@the_same_mountainbike NBD No big deal, it is not like anyone will follow the guidelines or enforce them.
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