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The oils in a cat's paws

Do the paws on my neighbors cats have any lasting effect on the paint jobs of my vehicles? P.S. the other is a 2004 Toyota Tacoma.

A regular car wash should be fine.

Only if their claws are out, and they are being chased by another animal.


make sure your cars have a good coat of wax and the paw prints will wash off with just a regular car wash.

You don’t have a problem that comes from the cat’s paws. It sounds more to me like you just have a problem with your neighbor. Maybe it is that you don’t like cats or whatever, but they are very unlikely to cause any damage to the car.

Another way to look at it is to search this forum for all of the posts regarding rodents nesting under the hood and creating problems. Maybe welcoming the neighbor’s cats as rodent control might be an option.

Cats like to climb on the hoods of cars when the engine has been run because the hood is warm. A good coat of wax may make the hood slippery enough that the cat won’t want to be there. The real danger to the cat is if the cat gets under the hood and then someone starts the car and the cat gets chopped by the fan. Thirteen years ago, we had just returned from a wedding reception and when I went out to the garage, a little black kitten went scurrying across the floor. Our garage door is always shut, so we surmised that the kitten rode in under the hood of the car. I was finally able to trap the kitten and put her in a pet taxi. We then put some food in with her which she ate and then cried for more food. We named her Spider and she has been been with us since that time.

I doubt that is an oil residue that the cat left on the car…paw prints usually are dirt prints…

It wouldn’t be any worse than human finger prints. Besides, if you park it outside, you should expect that kind of thing.

The problem with a slippery hood is that the cat might try harder to climb up and scratch the hood up pretty good doing so.

I doubt the paw prints hurt your car. I used to have this on my hood all the time and it never even seemed to damage the clear coat.

But I’d gladly trade you your situation for the birds that seem to seek out my car with uncanny accuracy when releasing their ‘bomb load’ I always wonder if it’s a game for them.

My cats(with the exception of the smart incorrigible one) pretty much learned to stay off the hoods after a few lessons,finally I gave up(no tough love here).Anyway my cats leave a greasy residual where they lay.If you feed birds,they like to bomb cars(especially red ones)-Kevin

The oils in a cat’s paws have no more effect than the oil on your fingers. Zip, nada, nothing.