How do you keep cats off your vehicles?

Keep the car in a cat proof garage.

Look at the good side. That cat is likely keeping any rodents away from your car and they tend to like to chew up wires etc.

Thanks Joe,our Silver Tabby has a mind of his own and will not stay off our vehicles(glad he doesnt have opposable thumbs)the other two guys learned not to get on the cars-Kevin

Can you hang something from the garage ceiling that will be just above the hood and roof and get in their way?

Maybe you could sprinkle a little pepper on your hood, trunk lid or roof. When the cat gets a wiff, he’ll start sneezing and get of the vehicle. Before I had a garage, I used pepper to prevent my neighbor’s dog from urinating on my wheels. Meybe it will work for your situation.

Garden hose or super soaker. You can’t pussy-foot around with cats.

Heed the wisdom of Lazarus Long: “Never try to out-stubborn a cat.”

Well thanks thats a good idea,already have a rubber snake coiled around the spreader,that does keep the birds away-Kevin

Will try ,thanks-Kevin

A really good wax job.

Why? Do they scratch the paint or something?

Believe or not,they leave a greasey film were they lay and the mud and grit,can scratch the windshield-Kevin

When the cat starts to fall off from the wax job, it’ll use it’s claws to try and stay on the car and climb back up.