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Critters Nesting in Engines

Can this be prevented??? We live in the woods, on a big ol’ hill and usually only venture out once a week or so to run errands. Some time last week, something apparently set up shop in the engine, a fact discovered after the car was carried off on a flatbed because it just wouldn’t go farther than eight miles without coming to a dead stop.

Is there a way to prevent this from happening? I suggested keeping the cat’s litterbox under the car…

Yes, keeping the cat near the car would help.

Rodents are chewing the insulation off the wires of your “6ms 687 subaru impreza,” whatever that is (what is that, anyway?).

It’s quite common. Happens all the time. Not just to Subarus, but to any vehicle rodents can get to.

Rodents apparently love to chew the plastic coating off wires. Under the hood, up inside the fenders, anywhere they can find a wire to chew, they will chew. It’s what they do.

I’m going to assume your cat stays indoors, because otherwise it’s hard to imagine you’d be having this problem.

Can you get an outdoor cat?

I have heard dryer sheets might be successful. My recommendation is a circle of big cat dung around the car, available in some lawn and garden places.

if park outside a box of mothball crushed and added to a bag of sulfur.then spread around car will do the job. rodent will stay away.

Thanks…I’ll check out the dryer sheet thing some more.

Actually, we have not one, but two cats…slackers, apparently.

And, just an Imprezza, standard model.

Me too!

Quit fooling around. You need to kill these rodents, no matter what it takes.

Traps, poison, whatever. If you don’t do this they will continue to chew your wires and make your life miserable.

Get rid of the rodents.

Your cats are obviously not enough of a deterrent.