The most valuable car collection to be auctioned

If anyone would like to buy the 1959 Ferrari California Spider for me, I would be very happy to accept the gift.


Nice vehicles but my favorite is the Mercedes Gullwing coupe. Sorry VDCdriver but my wife wants a small farm with a barn and pond for our retirement years. That limits my gift giving to ties and other similar priced items.

I always lusted after the 55-56 gullwing coupe also until I found out the windows didn;t open and no a/c. They sure are gorgeous though.

I’m still a sucker for the Veyrons. I’m frugal as can be but if I won the Lotto I’d be tempted to blow a million or two on one of them.

As to sheer beauty, I think that '59 Ferrari California has it and in the right color too.

I can’t get in or out of any of them anymore. If I won the lottery I’d go for the Bentley. In my younger days I would have made a different choice.

With the kind of money involved on these cars one could just hire someone to load and unload you…

I understand where you’re coming from. The '96 Camaro belonging to my oldest son sits horribly low and has low seating with a mile of legroom. The tops of the door panels are shoulder high and it feels like I’m driving or riding around in a Burmese Tiger pit.
With me anyway, there’s no turning and standing up to exit the car; it’s more a matter of rolling and crawling out.

I suspect many of them will be on their way to China…

I can't get in or out of any of them anymore. If I won the lottery I'd go for the Bentley.

We must be close to the same age because that’s the car I’d get.

Me too, but mountainbike will get the Continental, while I’ll go for the Mulsanne. Which model appeals to you, @MikeInNH?

any old landrovers?