The Hummer returns for 2024

… as an EV.
The price is… :astonished:


Is this the answer to a question no one asked ?


Yes, it’s similar to a medication for a disease that doesn’t exist.


And Arnold beat them to it a decade.

Arnold Schwarzenegger with World’s First Electric Hummer H1 (

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Not far beyond what a gas/diesel powered Hummer would cost.
Not much more than a less robust Tesla or a Range Rover would cost.

This could be a step on the evolutionary path to an electric tank.

The people who buy Hummers would probably buy surplus Sherman Tanks if they could afford them.


The Pricing isn’t that bad since it’s right around the same as the truck and not much more than GM charges for a Tahoe,Yukon, or Escalade these days. Kind of an interesting brand to bring back as an EV.

The pick up looks completely useless as a pick up. Should be very popular.


I think it’s a great idea. When we discussed this before, I called it a halo vehicle, and I haven’t changed my mind. If I had a hundred grand burning a hole in my pocket, this would be on my list after buying buying a couple-a-three sports cars I’d want first. That’s a way of saying that this HUMMER is a vehicle for the well to do, and might help make EVs more acceptable among those that like pickup trucks and big SUVs. Great marketing, and a sufficiently small market that GM won’t anger too many people before they get it right.