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H2 Alternative

What is a good alternative for a Hummer H2? We are looking to replace a current H2 for a newer equally rugged SUV. Preferably under $75,000 used and 2012+

Buy whatever you like. You appear to have the money.

OK , Hkm280 - In November you claimed to be a college student who sold a Hummer and bought a 2015 Mazda 6 . Now here you are wanting to replace a Hummer and have 75000.00 budget . You should not need help or you are Trolling.

Is this a multiple choice question?
If so, I choose the latter…

In any event, back in November, his Hummer was an H3.
Now, it has apparently morphed into an H2.

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2015 Land Rover Range Rover, either base or HSE with the V6 gas engine. It should have enough power with 0 to 60 in 7 sec.

Nice catch, Volvo.
You too, VDC.