GM unveils the new Electric Hummer

… which includes “diagonal driving mode”.

Arnold Schwarzenegger converted one of his hummers to electric a few years ago.

Only his was an H1…not the H2 (Chevy Suburban).

I want one. I don’t even like trucks and I want one. It won’t fit in my garage and I want one.


Perhaps if you use its diagonal drive mode it will fit.

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Not my cup of tea, not by a long shot. If I was in the market for an electric vehicle, I’d look for something like a used Nissan Leaf or Mitsubishi i-Miev.


If this Hummer is as “successful” as GM’s last Hummer was, they might have to go into receivership as a result of the cost of developing and trying to market this new vehicle.


$100K-plus for a Hummer seems a bit pricy… :wink:


Has the ability to run out of fuel hundreds of miles from the nearest road… And you can’t bring it any !


I don’t think this truck would appeal to prospectors but there are millions of people that live in cities and can plug in every evening if necessary.

I will be very surprised if it is in production for 5 years.


Sure, and a plug-in “city car” like a Nissan Leaf, or the now-discontinued Mitsubishi i-MIEV would be ideal for such a person. A huge, heavy SUV with a huge price tag isn’t what most people need or want.


Manufactures study the purchasing direction of consumers, those who are likely to buy an eccentric vehicle are those likely to purchase an expensive electric vehicle.

The Ford Raptor is a popular vehicle on the streets in my area, those owners do not participate in off road races. Consumers will be drawn towards flashy vehicles, if the Frontier, Tacoma, S10 budget trucks were still profitable this would be the focus of manufactures.

The new Lincoln Navigator is selling for $98k.

And yea…those prices are OUTRAGEOUS. I’ll never spend that type of money on a vehicle.

But some people will.

Yea you can. There are portable car chargers.

Range of the batteries still make it prohibitive for people who travel outside of where they live. However…

  1. Most miles put on vehicles in this country are within 100 miles of your home. So a long commuter vehicle isn’t necessary. And if it is…many people have more then one car…so use that one.
  2. There are web-sites and phone apps dedicated to finding the nearest charger.

The question isn’t whether or not there are some fools who would be willing to pay $100k for the Hummer electric SUV. The question is whether or not there are enough of these fools to allow GM to sell enough of these vehicles to turn a profit–or even to break even on its development and marketing costs. I can’t imagine that there are. There weren’t enough fools willing to buy the previous iteration of gasoline-powered Hummer vehicles to keep them profitable.

I believe that the future of electric vehicles in this country is going to be as a “city car” or commuter, which really only needs a range of 100-150 miles, and that people will still keep a gasoline-powered car or truck for pleasure use. If GM was smart, their electric SUV would have been something comparable in size to a 2-door Jeep Wrangler, or the Geo/Chevrolet Tracker, perhaps available in 2WD and 4WD versions at price points ranging from $30k to $60k. Lots of people would pay those kind of prices for a vehicle; not so many will pay $100k.

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Have you driven on American roads lately? Huge, heavy SUVs are the only thing most people want. They only start thinking about downsizing when gas goes above 3 or 4 bucks a gallon.

And a Suburban starts at 50, and you can add 20 grand to that price with options. So when the “normal” e-Hummers come out they’ll be competitively priced. And as @MikeInNH pointed out, the Navigator is selling pretty close to the price of the Edition 1, and it’s not even electric.

I disagree that electric cars will be relegated to city driving only. Heck, you can already take Teslas on cross country road trips without much difficulty at all. We’re not terribly far from a future in which pretty much any electric car will have the same range as a gas car, and similar “fueling” times. And volume will mean the prices will come down to the normal range (they already are - the Hummer isn’t really any more expensive than a gas counterpart) and at that point, the only reason to buy a gas car will be stubbornness.


That’s already there. And car manufacturers don’t agree with you because everyone of them is working on 400+ mile range - which is more then most ICE vehicles. The problem right now is batteries. And there’s 4 battery startups I know of in the Boston area - each with a new approach to building a better electric storage device. The big companies are spending BILLIONS in new car battery research.

Seth Meyers had a great line about the electric Hummer: Guys compensating for having a small Prius.

Hmm, will I get flagged?


not by me, I thought it was funny :smiley:


You forgot that not everyone has your sense of worth and that they may have $112,000 to spend on an EV Hummer with plenty to spare. If being different is your definition of a fool, you need to rethink that idea.

The EV Hummer is a halo vehicle. It’s meant to draw attention to GM electric vehicles. It might cost more to build than that, but for a halo vehicle, making money right out of the box is not the important thing.


The Lincoln Continental Mark II was not exactly a cheap car, but even so, Ford reportedly lost a few thousand on every one that they sold. Whether the “halo effect” of that beautiful, extremely high-quality vehicle was actually worthwhile for Ford is a detail that is probably an unknown quantity, but it was apparently never envisioned as a money-maker for the company.