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The fastest street car in the Universe is a Corvette


It’ll give John Force a run for his money, and it’s registered in MD.

Went to the Portland Auto Show the other day and gawked at a new ZR-1 for a while. I think I’d rather have the new one than the old one, but man, that’s radical looking.

I would like to see the Stig drive this Vette around the Top Gear track on a dry day. Currently, the fastest Vette they have tested is the Z06, and it is 28th on the list of fastest lap times.

One shudders to think what would happen to him if he crashed that thing going 200+ MPH. I mean, I’m sure he’s got upgraded everything, but it’s still a car from 1963…

I wonder how many gallons to the mile it get :slight_smile:

Which Stig? The black Stig was recently sighted emerging from the dark depths of the north atlantic, and looking quite good all things considering.

The cars on Rigel 4 are faster and can take a lot more punishment. The only problem is that the fenders are three inches thick. They don’t have mufflers or windows, so it helps that the drivers don’t have eyes or ears.

A stock Ford GT will do 212 MPH.


Not in the 1/4 mile it won’t.

This car is sweet, but could not be registered in NH. It would not be street legal.

Can I assume that MD has no safety inspections? Or emissions inspections?

The article says 10 MPG. Not bad for 2400 HP.

Hyperbole. I’m sure you are aware of it. Do they practice it on Rigel 4?

the fastest Vette they have tested is the Z06,

How about the 1ZR? 638 HP. 133 better than the Z06. I have not read the torque or top speed but I am sure it will outperform the Z06

I’m guessing that part of why it’s “street legal” is that it only has to meet the standards which existed in 1963, which probably isn’t a particularly tall order.

I particularly liked the etching in the driver’s side mirror-

Objects in mirror are losing

MD has both. The car runs on gasoline; it was designed to be both street legal and ready to run. It even has street tires on it. This makes the quarter mile in the 6-s even more amazing.

For emissions that may or may not be true, state statutes vary as do the type of testing they use. In NH we’ve gone to OBDII downloads with pre-'96 vehicles exempt. Some states use dynamic tailpipe sniffing and exemptions vary wildly by state. Some states have nothing at all. In NH it used to be sniffers at idle and even today is only required for specific counties.

Safety inspections also vary from none to very stringent. In NH all but modest modifications to suspension and exhaust systems are prohibited (details are in the regs). And there are loads of other details. I once had a pickup rejected, because the 2x6 rear bumper bolted to 2x2 steel angle irons didn’t meet the regs. The regs don’t even require rear bumpers on pickups, but IF you have one AND it’s wood, the wood has to be hardwood without seams and backed by a specific sized steel plate. I made them show the the reg, then had them cut the bumper off which brought me into compliance and give me my sticker. I then went home and bolted the bumper back on.

The 'Vette in question has had SEVERE suspension and exhaust modifications (an understatement) and probably isn’t he most emissions friendly vehicle. That led me to suspect that MD probably has no testing.